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Lisa Jenson

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Autism

Autism Speaks
What Is Autism
Because of my previous work with the class I already had connections with the teacher and the school which was really helpful. All I needed to do was say I wanted to keep volunteering there.
What I am doing........
I am working with autistic kids so there classroom runs a little bit differently. I help lead learning groups whether it's math or reading. I also help with one on one students to help them focus. For my action project I have done multiple presentations on autism and raising awareness at my school and at Hazeldale.
My mentor........
My mentor was actually my mom Lisa Jenson she has been working at Hazel dale for three years now but has been teaching for over 10 years. She went to BYU for college and has also worked as a special ED teacher. It has also been nice because I see her a lot so shes always there to answer my questions and support me what I need to make this project successful.
Autism is when the brain has a group of complex disorders that effects the brains ability to process information.
They're characterized as having difficulty with social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and behavior.
It's very hard for a person with autism to break down large tasks into smaller tasks such as shopping at the store, driving a car, and balancing a checkbook.
Over my time while working on my 8th grade project I was able to do research. I found causes for Autism such as genetic mutations or pollution. I also researched on the different forms of autism a child can have

What Inspired Me
I have been working at Hazel dale elementary school with autistic kids grades k-3rd grade. I have been working with these students for the past few years on other volunteer service I have had to do. I have really loved working with these students before so I really wanted the opportunity to do my 8th grade project on Autism.

This project has given me a lot of respect towards people who work with kids who are disabled or have special needs. I have also learned what it means to teach and shown me a new job field. I hope to continue my volunteering and work at Hazeldale and possibly become a teacher someday.
THank you for listening to presentation any Questions?
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