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Reflex Math

An overview of the Reflex Math programme for elementary schools.

ShanEda Lumb

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Reflex Math

Selecting tools
Computational strategies
Problem solving
Mathimatical Processes:
Reflex access for all teachers & students for 1 year
Student management and reporting features for Teachers
School-level user management features
School-level usage & fluency growth reporting
Internet wide access
Parent access feature

Any student in grade 2 or above who understands the basic concepts behind the operations (addition and subtraction, or multiplication and division) is ready to start working in ReflexMath.
Who should Use ReflexMath?
School Site License: $2,995/site
+$400 for a two-hour webinar training.
Special pricing for multi-school
or district purchases
Reflex Math
ReflexMath addresses most of these curricular requirements
Crabby greets you and shows you around ReflexMath
Crabby walks you through creating an Avatar
and explains that tokens are awarded during games for correct answers.
These tokens can be spent at the store.
The Store:
The Stylist:
The store includes a stylist where you can spend tokens on hair styles, clothing, shoes and accessories.
ReflexMath offers a variety of games to maintain interest and challenge students.
Teachers set the starting level of games, according to the student's ability.
Teacher Tour
Games Tour
Student Tour
Teacher Features
Reflex math can be costomised to each student's needs by their teacher.
Progress reports help teachers assess ongoing needs and accomplishments.
Parents can sign up for a Parent account that lets them access the same progress reports as the teacher.
I used Reflex Math at my Elementary School Placement. It was a fun and interesting program that appealed to all the students I worked with.
A great motivator & reward for students.
~ShanEda Lumb
Effectiveness study results available at:
Teacher License: $35/Student
Access for a single Teacher and a number of students for a year
Classroom-level student management features
Classroom-level usage and fluency reporting
Internet wide access for students and teachers
Parent access feature
By: ShanEda Lumb
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