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France and Spain's involvement in the American Revolution


Sophie Struckmeyer

on 25 October 2011

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Transcript of France and Spain's involvement in the American Revolution

France France gave America significant military and financial aid. France wanted revenge. France and Spain during the
American Revolutionary War Abbey Downing Sophie Struckmeyer Spain August 15, 1761 October 16, 1762 b. French people think british people are annoying a. The British were imposing too many taxes c. Because of land lost during the seven years' war d. Because they killed Joan of Arc 3. 2. 1. Why did the French want revenge on the British? Which country was in alliance with Spain? a. England

b. France

c. Kenya

d. Holland
Bourbon Family Pact Handover of Louisiana Spain enters war The American Revolution is a period of important political change caused by the insurrection (a violent uprising performed against a government or other power) of the inhabitents of the thirteen colonies of North America against Great Britain at the end of the 18th century. The founding incident of the American Nation and the birth of the United States, the revolution was the manifesto for violence against British authorities, war against the metropolis, and social unrest.

How much money did England pay for German soldiers? a. 30,000 pounds for 15,000 soldiers b. 150,000 pounds for 30,000 soldiers c. 15,000 pounds for 30,000 soldiers Germany Hessians 4. What was the name given to the german soldiers rented by the British Government? a. Hessians b. Husseins c. Hessines " I was brought under arrest to Ziegenhayn, where I found many companions in misfortune from all parts of the country. There we waited to be sent to America in the spring, after Faucitt should have inspected us. I gave myself up to my fate, and tried to make the best of it, bad as it might be." - Johann Gottfried Seume June 21, 1779
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