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Magnetism in 21st Century

This is show the uses of magnet's in today's world.

Crystal Le

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Magnetism in 21st Century

Medicine Astronomy Electronics Navigation Toys Magnetism in the 21st Century MRI Maglev Trains Magnetix Loud Speakers Electromagnetic Propulsion Magnetic resonance imaging:
A way to take pictures of the body
without usiing x-rays or cutting into
the body A device that amplifies sound
using electromagnetics One way it is used is to check for
Sound system at homecoming
A magnetic toy used to entertain
childen Children can build structures
out of magnets Sends spacecrafts into
space by creating a super conductor
and adding electricity This has not been created
but this will be a safer, faster,
and more resource efficeint Trains move on guideway
by using like poles to
hover Used as day to day transportation in China
and most airports Images - http://www.inzit.co.uk/product_images/fullsize/150-translucent.jpg





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