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Annabel Lee

No description

Rana Razavi

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Annabel Lee

By Edgar Allan Poe Annabel Lee Background Theme Date of Birth: January 19, 1809
Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, united states
Primary Place of Birth: US
Education: University of Virginia (1826-1827), United States Military Academy (1930,1931) "In this kingdom by the sea." Interesting Facts
and Details -Left school due to lack of money
-In1827, he published his first book
"Tamerlane and Other Poets"
-He married his cousin Virginia Eliza Clemm,
-His wife died in 1847, just 2 years before Edgar.
-Annabel Lee was written in 1849. it was not published
after Poe's death the same year.
-Every year on the date of Poe's birthday, a mystery
man leaves a bottle of cognac and roses on
Poe's grave in Baltimore, Maryland Family Life -Second born child of two traveling actors
-became an orphan before he was 3 years old.
-Poe went to live with John and Frances Allan
-The Allans never formally adopted Poe, they served as foster parents.
-He fell in love with a girl named Elmira, and they eventually got engaged. "That the wind came out of the cloud by night, Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee." "And this maiden she lived with no other thought than to love and be loved by me." Edgar Allan Poe explores the death of
a beautiful woman, his young beloved
bride Annabel Lee, shows his anger,
weak and sorrow of losing her. Edgar Allan Poe Poe married his 13-year old cousin, Virginia Clemm. Her early death may have inspired some of his writing. (Annabel Lee) Annabel Lee Thank you for listening :) Love and Death -Wind compared to a strong human
-Chilling and killing
-Killed Annabel Lee and destroyed his love
-Emotional and powerful, feel the power of the wind, and the anger of him Personification Hyperbole -Thinking about him and their love and nothing else
-Their love is strong and sweet
-Leads to the angles' jealousy, and even after taking her away, their love is still alive. Repetition -Kingdom
-King of the kingdom, powerful and happy
-Love is strong
-Angles sent a wind destroyed the kingdom and took her Annabel Lee -The last major poem written by Edgar Allan Poe.
-Published immediately after his mysterious death.
-This poem is "autobiographical" and we can be sure that he is talking about the death of his wife. -Money was an issue between Poe and John Allan
-He had no way out and enlisted in the army in
May 1827
-Returned home and found that his fiancée Elmira engaged to another man.
-Poe left the Allans and began his publishing career.
-Poe moved in with his widowed aunt and got married to her daughter Virginia Clemm.
Quote: "Never to suffer would never
to have been blessed" Question...
1. What is your feeling of Annabel Lee and the love between them?
2. What have you found from Annabel Lee that can reflect your own life?
3. Does death always make love weaker? Do you believe it could make it stronger?
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