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General Mills Monster Cereal

No description

Brendan Dunn

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of General Mills Monster Cereal

General Mills Monster Cereals
By Brendan Dunn
Song: Milk and Cereal by G. Love & Special Sauce.
Count Chocula
Count Chocula, along with Frakenberry, was the first monster cereal in October 1971. It featured chocolate flavored marshmallows and was known to give the milk a chocolate taste, and is considered the first chocolate flavored cereal ever. He is also known for his motto "I want to eat your cereal". In 2010, it stopped being sold year round and was only sold during September and October. General Mills also updated the box, with a more stylized look.
New Count Chocula cereal
Count Chocula commercial from the 70's
New stylized box
Franken Berry
Along side Count Chocula was Franken Berry. Like Count Chocula, Franken Berry was releases in October 1971, following the sucess of Lucky Charms cereal. Franken Berry features strawberry flavored marshmallows and was the first strawberry flavored cereal. Like Count Chocula, it also makes the milk it's signature flavor and turned it pink. In 2010, it also stopped being sold year-round and got a new box.
New Franken Berry cereal
New stylized box
Franken Berry commercial from the 70's
Boo Berry
In 1973 Boo Berry was released and added to the Monster Cereal line of cereals. Boo Berry featured blue berry flavored marshmallows, and was the first blueberry flavored cereal. He was the last cereal in the series that wasn't canceled (including Count Chocula for a short time.) In 2010, like Count Chocula and Franken Berry, it became seasonal, only selling in September and October. It also got updated with new box-art.
New Boo Berry cereal
New stylized box
First Boo Berry commercial
Frute Brute
In 1974, the next installment to the monster cereal brand was introduced. It was called Frute Brute and featured lime flavored marshmallows, which were also a first. Also, director Quentin Taratino has put many cameos the show Pulp Fiction and in his movie, Reservoire Dogs. In 1984, Frute Brute was taken off shelves and all production was shut down. The Werewolf was completely gone until October 2013, where it joined the other 3 Monsters and was sold seasonally with new art and new cherry flovoring
Frute Brute in Reservoire Dogs and Pulp Fiction
New box
Frute Brute commercial
Fruity Yummy Mummy
In 1987, following the failure of Frute Brute, Fruity Yummy Mummy was released, as the first vanilla flavored cereal. Like Count Chocula, he also had his own catch phrase "Fruity Yummy Mummy makes your tummy go "Yummy"." It was also very unsucessful, and was discontinued in 1993. It was the last cereal introduced in the monster cereal line. Like Frute Brute, people often forget it even existed. In October 2013, he came back from the tomb after 20 years and was sold again, with his new box.
Fruity Yummy Mummy cereal
New Box
Commercial from 1987
General Mills
Monster cereals

General Mills monster cereals are a collection of 5 cereals (though only 3 are very well known.) They have been around since 1971 and are quickly being forgotten about, behind other cereals. I think this is a sad death of some of the most iconic cereals, so I made this project to respect the classic monsters.
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