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Ellis' Information Seeking Model

Understanding Users Topic Presentation

Sara AG

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of Ellis' Information Seeking Model

Surveying initial search for introductory information Chaining Monitoring Distinguishing
Verifying Extracting following citations or other referential
connections between material Browsing casually looking at areas of potential interest Keeping up-to-date using formal and informal channels evaluating or judging information sources working through sources to identify relevant information Ending Ellis' Information Seeking Model Emily Calkins
Sara Arnold-Garza David Ellis Behavioral approach Grounded theory Social science researchers DAVID ELLIS, (1993) "A BEHAVIOURAL APPROACH TO INFORMATION RETRIEVAL SYSTEM DESIGN", Journal of Documentation, Vol. 45 Iss: 3, pp.171 - 212 Social Scientists
Physical Scientists Academic Research www.dil.aber.ac.uk/en/staff_info Ellis, D., D. Cox & K. Hall (1993). A Comparison of the Information Seeking Patterns of Researchers in the Physical and Social Sciences. Journal of Documentation 49, no. 4: 356-369. Ellis, D. (1997). Modeling the information seeking patterns of engineers and research scientists in an industrial environment. Journal of Documentation, 53(4), 384-403. Corporate R&D Engineers
Physical Scientists Meho, L., & Tibbo, H. (2003). Modeling the information-seeking behavior and use of social scientists: Ellis's study revisited. Journal of American Society for Information Science, 54(6): 570-87. Social Scientists Academic Research Merits
+ Limitiations
_ Perhaps out of date Behavior-based Transferrable to other professionals Describes advanced
users only Questions? Thank you. Extendable Not solution
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