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Diversity and Int

No description

Jay Koehler

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Diversity and Int

Topic: Diversity and Intercultural Communication
Generational Gaps and the Workplace
Generational Traits
Solutions to Intergenerational Communication
"Typically the older generations prefer talking face-to-face or on the phone, and the younger generations tend toward text-based messages like email and instant message," Dana Brownlee,
How To Communicate In The New Multigenerational Office
- Forbes Magazine
The Silent Generation
Good Traits
Hard Working
Respect Authority
Value Loyalty
Bad Traits
Resist Change
Baby Boomers
Good Traits
Hard Working
Committed to Harmony
Bad Traits
Sense of Entitlement
Generation X
Good Traits
Flexible and Self-Reliant
Comfortable with Technology
Bad Traits
Skeptical and Cynical
Lazy, Slackers
Question Authority Figures
Good Traits
Attuned to and Appreciative of Diversity
Bad Traits
Lacking Basic Literacy
Easily Distracted, Short Attention Span
Not Loyal
Causes of Conflicts in the Workplace
Keeping up with Technology - Promotions
Technology is becoming more important in the workplace.
Social Networking
Performance is key factor in measuring an employee for a promotion.
Workplace Etiquette (Meetings)
Smart-phones and Laptops in meetings.
Older Generations view point is rude and disrespectful.
Millenials view point is multitasking, and staying always available. Using their smart-phones at work and texting regardless of where they are is appropriate to them.
Communication Conflicts
Each communication tendency is a different form of media.
Each media has its own acronyms, vocabulary, and proper etiquette for its use.
If not well versed in a particular media then conflicts arise.
Causes of Conflict - Communication Examples
Twitter and Hashtag's
Emailing and uploading pictures
Baby boomers one word texts
Millenials 160+ character texts.
Using Excel software, instead of manually
Teamwork (Meetings)
Millenials and Generation Xer's dislike traditional formal business meetings.
I'll respect you if you respect me.
Baby Boomers like formal business meetings were authority is established top-to-down.
Respect me because I'm older
This poses to be a problem for how well people from different generation can work together in a team.
What is a Generation Gap?
Generation Gap Defined
A generational gap refers to the separation of a person(s) age and cultural beliefs based on different life experiences.
Generational gaps are distinguished by the era the person is born and then titled with one adjective best describing their traits as a group.
Most Popularly Recognized Generation Gaps
Traditionalist 1922-1945
Baby Boomers 1946-1964
Generation X 1965-1980
Millennium 1981-2010
“Facilitate mentoring between different aged employees to encourage more cross-generational interaction. Younger employees should learn to seek the experience and wisdom offered by senior employees. Older employees should learn to be open to the fresh perspectives offered by younger employees.” How To Manage Different Generations – Wall Street Journal.
Causes of Conflict - Promotions
Millenials have edge in today's work environment
Computers in school
Causes conflict when a Millenial gets promoted and becomes the boss of a Baby Boomer.
Discouraging for baby boomer and can effect their productivity.
Causes of Conflict - Communication Examples
Traditionalists and Baby Boomers more comfortable at making business phone calls. Millenials would be more shy, and apprensive.
Can damage the Business to Consumer relationships or prevent them from developing
Advertising through social media when Baby Boomers are main consumer
Know your audience
Can damage the Business to Business relationship.
Example Baby boomer supplier representative
Millenial buyer representative
“Companys with highly engaged employees have a strong tendency to outperform organizations with less engaged workers”.
Susan A. Murphy, Leading a Multigeneration workforce. AARP
A mentorship program where the older generations learn from the younger generation and vice versa.
Creating a more inclusive and engaged work environment to help build productivity.
Inviting a flat organizational heirarchy
Inform and have employees be aware of the Generational Gaps and the issues that arise between the groups.
speak to the veteran generation in person with manners and articulation.
value them for their years and experience want structure
Baby Boomers
work is their identity
want time with their family'
value structure; democracy
explain why they are doing the work assignment
"Me, me, me attitude"
radicals in the workplace
questions authorities
based on merit not seniority
needs plenty of feedback to stay motivated
Work well in diverse teams
mapped out goals and expectations of work
Be aware..
Be aware..
Be aware...
Be aware..
Communication Conflicts
Why It's All Important
Thank You!
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