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Full Tilt Prezi- 2013

No description

Shalin Berman

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of Full Tilt Prezi- 2013

Full Tilt
By: Neal Shusterman
Prezi By: Shalin Berman
The story Full Tilt occurs in a
phantom theme park at around
2:30 in the morning. Full Tilt takes
place in the present time.
Setting Continued
These details made me feel anxious and intrigued about what will happen next in the story.
Main Characters
The main characters in Full Tilt are Blake, Quinn, and Cassandra.
Blake's conflict is to survive seven deadly rides by dawn, each representing a personal fear; also while trying to save his brother.
Quinn's conflict is to escape the mirage carnival, while trying to find a place where he fits in.
Cassandra's conflict is to stop Blake from completing all seven rides before dawn.
Plot Overview
Quinn fell into a coma
Moments after Quinn got into a heated argument with Blake, Quinn fell into a coma and was transported to the hospital.
While Quinn was in the coma, Blake saw in his eyes, that his presence was at the amusement park.
Plot Overview Continued
Complete Seven Rides
Shortly after Blake, Maggie, and Russ arrived at the theme park, they were informed that they had to finish seven rides before dawn.
Plot Overview Continued
Final Challenge
Cassandra gave Blake a concluding ride to surpass, which if completed, would allow Blake's friends, and brother to be released.
Man v. Self
Blake struggled to recollect a bus accident that occurred in his past and was fighting with himself to remember.
Man v. Man (Woman)
Cassandra gave Blake many hardships to prevent him from completing the seven rides before dawn.
Blake was able to avoid being absorbed into the amusement park. He would often recenter his focus on the task of defeating the ride.
Resolution Continued
Blake would use memories as a weapon to outsmart Cassandra and any other obstacles that were put in his way.
"The sun rises and we close our gates," Cassandra said.
"If you're not out of the park by dawn, then you stay."
Tone Continued
"I finally got the picture. Die on the ride and you're part of the scenery. Get caught alive, and you're a slave of the park."
Tone Quote Description
This quote demonstrates the seriousness of the tone. It is a necessity to finish seven rides before morning, or else you are a permanent guest.
"Now I'm standing at the back of the bus. The world seems to stop, poised on the moment the way the bus is perfectly.............."
Quote Continued
".......balanced on the edge of the cliff. Balanced. I am the balance."
Quote Description
This quote describes Blake's character. In every situation he is put into, he is the balance.
"Face your fears and don’t let them stand in your way." In Full Tilt, Blake's memory of the teetering bus reintroduces itself multiple times........
Theme Continued
.......until he is finally forced to confront it, and after he did, Blake and his friends were released from the dreadful theme park.
Personal Response
Full Tilt made me feel as if I were on the rides, following Blake on his adventure. I have ridden on some of............
........the rides Blake had to surpass, but definitely not as vigorous. I feel that fear is baggage, and if you keep reminding yourself about it, you will be weighed down.
Personal Response Continued

The pictures of the characters are my interpretation of what I think they looked like. Also there is no italicize on Prezi, so I put my theme in quotation marks. Thanks for watching.
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