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Aiyana Rose McElroy

Dogs Are Bred For Many Purposes!

Pete Regeski

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of Aiyana Rose McElroy

Dogs Are Bred for Many Purposes!
1: Dogs are bred to provide different abilities for different species. Some tasks include guarding,herding,hunting, and tracking. (Given)
2: Different Dogs do different tasks. German Shepherds are known as police dogs, Rottweilers are bred to be gaurd dogs, and Shetland Sheep dogs are meant to herd sheep. (Felice)
3: Dogs can be purpose bred dogs, meaning they preform a specific job, some include hunting, helping people with disabilities,and also guarding. (Given)
Different Breeds= Different Lifestyle
1: "Different Dogs Serve Different purposes." (Felice)
Police Dog-German Shepherd
Gaurd Dog-Doberman
Hunting Dog-German Shorhaired Pointer
{ Reasons Dogs Are Bred}
1: Dogs are bred for Hunting Purposes

2: Dogs are bred for Searching places for drugs,people, and items
3: Dogs are bred to help people with disabilities , for the blind, or people with anxiety.
4: Dogs are bred to be a family pet or friend.

Hunting Dog,Search Dog, Rescue Dog, & Family friend Dog.
1: "Dogs have made themselves useful in many ways, this is because we breed them to our needs."
2: "Dogs become "breeds" because, of the specific skill sets they offer to improve peoples lives."
3: "Different species of dogs provide different abilities and capabilities to help humans."
Quotes By: Jill Felice & William Given
4: "The purpose to breeding dogs are to make them able to preform a specific job."
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