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No description

zangelo garcia

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of pandas

a panda has black and white fur
it has a bear like figure
length:120-180cm height:54-81cm
has strong teeth, small tail , and thumbs
pandas are very friendly
they rome the jungle with family or by themselfs
characteristics of a
Giant panda
Bamboo bear
Giant bear cat
Giant panda bear
common panda names
scientific name: ailuropoda melanoleuca
phylum: chordata
class: mammalia
panda classification
a pandas diet consists of leaves stems and shoots of various bamboo species.
what do pandas eat?
-most pandas can be found in
central china , in sichuan , shaanxi.
-other pandas are located in
other parts of the world in places
such as zoo's and wet forests.
uniqe things about pandas
a panda has cat-like puples
sixs fingers
a panda has a bear like figure but the skeletal figure is thicker and smaller.
pandas lifespan
20 years(in the wild)
fun fact
pandas will sit alone if sad or
squad picture
pandas behavior
a panda will live there life
eating bamboo and walking around the forest floor, they are very good climbers and swimmers .
panda pictures
fun fact #2
pandas spend about 12 hours a day eating
more panda pics
pandas feet
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