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My Family History

No description

Emi Hayakawa

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of My Family History

- From Yamanashi
- worked in confectionery
factory (Nisshin Seika)
My Family History

Akira Ono
- Also from Yamanashi
-Her brother died in WW2,
and there was no males left
to carry on the family name.
- Her uncle owned Nisshin Seika
- They met in Nisshin Seika and married soon afterwards.
- Akira agreed to take Mitsuyo's family name as his own.
- Together, they had four sons.
1. Ichiro Hayakawa

2. Jiro Hayakawa

3. Shigeru Hayakawa

4. Masaru Hayakawa (my Father)
Both of them passed away when I was very young.

Guangdong Province
-They were both from Southern China

(Guangdong Province)
- followed his relatives and came to
- came to Bangkok by boat
- moved to live with his relatives in
- they had an arranged marriage.

- they did many businesses together and move to live in Doi Saket, a municipality a little bit north of Chiang Mai.

- had seven daughters
- did many businesses in Chiangmai,
such as making noodles, selling tea
leaves and manufacturing canned
palm seed hearts.
- At four years old, she moved to
Bangkok with her family.

- she had many siblings, and her
family was very poor.
- later on, she moved to Chiang Mai.
1. Arom Khunopakarnphan

2. Wilaiwan Saelim

3. Jarunee Khunopakarnphan

4. Jiraporn Kittikhunchai

5. Sununta Saelim

6. Jirapin Hayakawa (my mother)

7. Laddawan Saelim

has three sons
has two daughters and a son
has one daughter
married with no children
not married
married with no children
- my grandmother passed away when I was eight
- my grandfather passed away 40 years ago
Masaru Hayakawa
- Hometown: Yamanashi
- went to public schools
from primary to highschool
- went to Meiji University
(he majored in economics)
Jirapin Hayakawa
- Home town: Chiang Mai
- learned at public schools
in Chiang Mai.
- graduated from Chiang Mai College (majored in marketing)
- after both of them went to college, they went
to Taiwan to study chinese.
- there, they met each other.
- they married two years after they came back
from Taiwan.
- in 1991, Thai Nichi Industries was formed by
Masaru and Jirapin Hayakawa.
Phisut (Yasu Hayakawa)
- born October 1st 1991 (currently 22)
- graduated from CMIS
- currently attending college in Bangkok
- Me and my brother
used to fight a lot
when we where
Emi Hayakawa
- born May 16th, 1999 (14 years old)
- went to Pre- K in Kiddy Bear, where I met some of my first friends.
- moved to CMIS in kindergarten and has been attending this school for 10 years.
Thanks for
Fun fact: My grandfather used to have this hairstyle when he first came to Thailand.
- growing up in a typical Asian family, I was taught to think that education is very important, and I had to strive for the best.
- one of the biggest regrets of my childhood was that I did not learn Japanese.
- I lived in Thailand for my whole life, and only saw my dad's relatives once or twice
- however, the relatives on my mom's side had a big impact on my life.
They were both from Yamanashi prefecture
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