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The Methodist Church

No description

Caroline Hudak

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of The Methodist Church

Caroline Hudak, Frank Pittman, Ansley Gross, Conner Bolton, Gracie Crump, Abby Anderson
The Methodist Church
Core Beliefs
1. Shun evil and avoid partaking in evil deeds
2. Perform kind acts as much as possible
3. Abide by the edicts of God the Father Almighty
4. Scripture is essential to faith because it is the Word of God
5. The Holy Spirit works through all believers
6. One can be saved only through faith in Christ
Methodists believe in two sacraments: baptism and communion. To Methodists, these acts are not only sacraments but also sacrifices to God. Because pastors rotate from church to church, communion is not typically celebrated during the service, but rather at a "love feast" held once a week.
Missionary Work
One of the church's biggest teachings is that the duty of Christians is to spread God's word and joy to all people. Because of this, missionary work or community service is emphasized.
In case you weren't listening...
The Methodist Church believes in God.
They place an emphasis on sanctification and missionary works.
They recognize two sacraments (communion and baptism).
They are accepting to all people because all people are the children of God.
Yay Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!
Church Teachings on Gays
The Methodist Church says, "Although all persons are sexual beings whether or not they are married, sexual relations are affirmed only with the covenant of monogamous, heterosexual marriage." The Methodist Church claims that it acknowledges all persons as of sacred worth. However, in the Methodists "Rule Book", sexual relations are only affirmed by the church if married and heterosexual.
Love Feast
When the minister is not available to perform communion, the congregation gets together for a ritualistic meal.
It's like a retreat...
You go as strangers; you return as best friends.
According to Methodist teaching, there are three types of grace.
Methodist vs Presbyterian Church : The Core Beliefs
The Presbyterian Church believe people are inherently evil. The Methodist Church believe people are good and can achieve sanctity and salvation.
Both churches are accepting to all people.
Both recognize two sacraments: communion and baptism.
The Presbyterian Church believes in predestination and the Methodist Church does not.
The Church is like a big family
The Methodist Church accepts everyone into their church and welcomes them with open arms. It's like a family with unconditional love.
Prevenient grace
Present before one is saved from sin.

just like when your teacher knows you are going to have a pop quiz, but you don't know when it will be

Justifying grace
Given at the time of repentance or forgiveness

just like when you lie about something and your friend forgives you right away.
Sanctifying grace
Received when one has finally been saved from his or her sins or those of the world

Just like when you accept that the teacher wants to help you in tutorial and you actually go and learn, you will most likely get a better grade on the test
Typical worship service
Gather together in the word of God
Music and hymns
Proclamation of the word
sermon by minister
communion (first Sunday of the month
Closing and blessing
Interesting Facts
US | Africa/Asia & Europe
Lay Members 7,481,383 | 4,400,510
Clergy Members 45,209 | 11,979
Preparatory Members 734,736 |1,898,329
Local Churches 33,541 | 7,116
Annual Conferences 59 | 74
Bishops/Episcopal Areas 46 | 20
12 million members worldwide
8 million members in the USA
Methodist vs. Catholic Church Decoration
Why this Church Symbol?
Their church symbol is a cross and a flame which symbolizes the Holy Spirit and God through Christ
Which grace do you think is the most important in your life?
Facts on the United Methodist Church in the United States, between 1998-2008:

The average worship attendance declined by 9%.
The number of churches declined by 6%.
The number of baptisms decreased by 31%.
The number of professions of faith decreased by 25%.
The make up of clergy are 88% White and 76% male (2008)
The makeup of church membership is 90% White (2008)
The average age of clergy rose from 49 to 54.
The financial expenditures per member rose 61%.
Average church costs in 2008: 36% building and debt; 34% clergy and lay staffing costs; 20% apportionments, benevolence, and programs.
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