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In FACT, Inc.

Business Plan

Karen Abdul-Malik

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of In FACT, Inc.

a hybrid company Stories on Tour (for-profit)
Festive-Full (cooperative) Caught By The Tale (not-for-profit) Advisory Board
Board of Directors
Executive Director
Artistic Director
Strategic Alliances

From the Root Queen Nur Enterprises Who's At The Table? Who's Being Nurtured? In celebrating our daily lives, passing on our traditions, and telling our stories, we commit to a legacy of values that strengthen and transform our communities. Who's At The Marketplace? Caught By The Tale, Inc.
not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 Business Plan Presentation Need Management Market Analysis Prototype in African- American Community
The Industry
Competitive Edge What's The Idea? Mission Statement To perpetuate, reclaim and sustain storytelling and folk life traditions by building awareness, respect and ownership within communities. Company Goals Strengthen families & communities
Create arts-in-practice community model
Produce storytelling & folk arts festivals
Preserve and sustain storytelling & folk arts
Use folk arts as a voice for the community
Build community partnerships
Contribute to folklore collections Objectives Establish SCATTS Progam
Improve model through effective assessment
Increase intergenerational relations
Increase visability of storytelling & folk arts
Generate income for folk artists & storytellers
Secure funding through grant awards
Expand attendance at Kwanzaa festival Where's the Money? Financial Plan Assumptions
Funding strategy
Cash flow
Year End Summary Let's Go To Work! SCATTS Workshops
SCATTS Festival
Kwanzaa Festival
Oral History CDs/DVDs
Greeting Card Line SCATTS
Sustaining Culture And TraditionThrough Story
Master Folk Artist Workshops 15 students per workshop
$5.00 cost per student
$75 Revenue
$125 Underwritten
= $200 to Artist
12 weeks per artist
= $2,400 per artists
fiber arts
soul line dancing
folk music
children's games
hairbraiding Marketing Strategy for Implementing
Products & Services Total income - $99,300
Total Cost of Sales - $25,650
Gross Margin - $73,650
Total Salary and Wages -$26,168
Total Fixed Expenses - $35,928
Operating Income [EBITDA] - $16,554 Chart of Expenses
Reflecting Artists' Fees By Queen Nur Keys of Success Strong Alliances with Community Organizations
Well documented programs
Minimizing expenses and maintaining fluent cash flow
Utilizing well-designed assessment for growth & improvement Net Income
Year I - $7, 231
Year II- $13,322
Year III- $18,404 SCATTS Festival a national platform for
Folk arts & Storytelling 3 ntl' storytellers
3 ntl' folk musicians/bands
10 Master folk artists from Workshop Series
New collaborative works between storytellers, folk artists
and workshop participants addressing social justice issues
3 Special Folk Arts Presentations

- Barbershop Scene
- Folk Food/Community Garden
- Folk Healing Arts
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