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Activity 2.1.2 What do we use robots for?

The Bestic:Robyn Louis & Anthony PLTW P.1

Robyn Louis

on 7 July 2014

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Transcript of Activity 2.1.2 What do we use robots for?

PLTW Period:3

What task does this robot perform?
What human function or task does this robot simulate?

The BESTIC robot is used to those with hand or arm disabilities.
It helps patients be independent by feeding themselves.
Where is this robot used?What is its work envelope?

Is the robotic end effector multifunctional?

The BESTIC is not a multifunctional robot it is only used for feed disabled people.
How is the robot taught to perform its task?

The BESTIC is controlled by a remote,a pikobutton or a joystick but it must be programmed with a computer.
What sensors does this robot have?

Currently the BESTIC doesn't contain any sensors but hopefully if/when it is innovated a sensor may be added so it can put food into your mouth for you.

The BESTIC robot give those who are disabled the ability to eat independently and master a skill that is taught to young children by elders from a very young age.
The BESTIC is portable so it can be used at home, in restaurants or in nursing homes.it has 4 moveable functions;up,down,right & left.it also has 4 servomotors & 3 joints.
What type of job/careers can this robot create?
If anything the BESTIC limits the job of care givers.No longer will caregivers have to feed the patients.Possible jobs that the BESTIC may create are engineers to build them.
How can this robot be altered to perform different tasks in the future?

In the future the BESTIC may be altered to have more then 1 utensil (+ fork & knife),have sensors, be multifunctional, have the program in different languages or even automatic.
Activity 2.1.2 What do we use robots for?

Robyn Louis &
Anthony Anllo

Advantages of the BESTIC include that it is portable and hardly makes any sound.Disadvantages include that it is remote controlled and that there is only 1 utensil; a spoon.





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