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Adam Canfield of the Slash book report

No description

Joel Jr.

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Adam Canfield of the Slash book report

Adam Canfield of the Slash book report
Book by: Michael Winerip
Presentation by: Case R. Goracke
Main character: Adam Canfield
Adam is the co-editor of the Harris Middle/Elementary school newspaper called the slash.
Adam Canfield changes from being stubborn and always grumpy to being open minded and cheerful.
Adam does the right thing when he puts the article on the school janitor on the front page of the slash paper.
I can identify with Adam when he skips voluntary/mandatory.
Other Characters:
Jennifer Mills:
Jennifer is the Editor of the Harris Slash.
Phoebe Armstrong:
Phoebe is the star cub reporter of the Harris Slash.
The author doesn't say the setting in the book and the time period is around the present time period.
Author is trying to say it is always good to stand up for what is right.
The story is about courage and working hard.
The story showed me about how greedy some people can be.
The problem was Ms. Maris the Harris principle was using the students money for gold pluming in her office bathroom and I can't tell how it is solved because that would give away the ending.
Jennifer convinces Adam to become the co-editor.
Phoebe writes a front page article for the Slash on Eddie the janitor.
The story on Eddie leads to another good article about a grant that was given to Harris.
Jennifer and Adam uncover some facts on how Ms. Maris is using the grant money.
Adam holds a meeting on how they will get the word out about the way the grant money is being used without telling Ms. Maris
The slash emails the article on the grant money to important individuals but doesn't quote on quote put it in the paper, but they give instructions on how they can find it on the internet.
I thought the book was good and gave it a four star rating.
I liked that the book had a good ending.
I didn't like how greedy Ms. Maris was.
The story wasn't confusing or hard to believe.
The story wasn't very predictable.
The story was believable.
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