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Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment

No description

Sarah Clevenger

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment

Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment Author:James Patterson Presentation by: Sarah Clevenger characters The main character in Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment is Maximum Ride who lives with 5 other people in her flock who's names are Fang, Iggy, Angel, Nudge, and the Gasman (Gazzy).They are 98 percent human and 2 percent bird which means that they are humans who can fly due to their wings.

The flock fights Erasers: mutants that are half men half wolves. One of the Erasers is named Ari who is the 7 year old son to Jeb Batchlendar. Jeb Batchlendar is the man that helped Max and the flock when they were young. He left Max and the flock when Max was 12 years old. Setting The setting of Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment is mostly in New York when the flock is trying to find the Institute.They also stay at a women's house in the middle of no where. The flock has a house up on a hill where no one can find it they lived there before the Erasers destroyed it. The setting is also at Ella's house when Max is hurt, and in a cave where Fang and Nudge wait for Max. Another setting is the "school" which is where the flock was made. The "school" is pretty much a lab where mutants are made. Theme/Moral The theme of Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment is family because they are one big family that must stay together or they will fall apart and have to go back to the "school".

The moral of Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment is fight for what you believe in. Max fought for what she believed in when she had those epic battles with the Erasers. Point of View The point of view of Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment is 1st person. Max is telling the story herself she is like the narrator. I believe the author chose 1st person so that Max could express her feelings in her own words. Author's Perspective The author believes that it is important to always believe in yourself. Max had to believe in herself when she had been trying to find the institute or else the flock would never have a chance finding the institute. Problems Some problems in the story are that
the flock has Erasers constantly looking for them
they have no adult to watch over them and protect them
and their house got burned down by Erasers Solutions The solutions to those problems are
they look out for the Erasers constantly
they look out for each other and Max is the leader so for them she is the adult
they camp wherever they can find a place now Summary The summary of Maximum Ride the Angel Experiment is...
Max is fourteen year old girl who has an extraordinary gift, she has wings. She lives with her flock (the rest of the bird freaks); they are Gazzy, Iggy, Nudge, Fang, and Angel. When the flock hears some noises they go to the window and realize that there are Erasers coming towards there house. They fight the Erasers but then Max blacks out when she gets kicked in the head by Ari.
Fang tells her that the Erasers have Angel. Then a few minuets later they hear a noise. They soon find out that its the car that Angel is in. They fly to the car and Fang grabs a tree branch which he drops on the car and broke the window shield. The cars window roles down and starts to shoot at Max. After that the car stops and some Erasers jump out; Max and the flock have another epic battle with the Erasers before they toke Angel away.
They all go home wishing that angel was with them. Once they get home Max realizes that there is a map of the "school". They make up a plan that states that Max, Fang, and Nudge will go to the school and rescue Angel while Iggy and the Gasman stay home. Right after Max and them leave Iggy decides he wants to make some bombs to protect him and Gazzy in case some Erasers come. Sure enough some Erasers do come, so Iggy and Gazzy throw their bombs at them until they decide that they should go hide in a cabin that was built 80 years ago. The Erasers find them, so Iggy and Gazzy fly off throwing some more bombs down at the Erasers. Then the Erasers burn down the house.
While that's all taking place Max and them are flying to the school when Max looks down to see a girl getting bullied by a couple of high school students. Max flies down after telling Fang and Nudge to keep on going and that she will meet them at Lake Mead. She finds out that the high school boys have a gun and after a quick battle she starts to run away trying to get up in the air without the boys and girl seeing her. Summary Continued she ends up getting shot in the shoulder while running away from the boys, Max cant fly now so she looks for a place to go and she ends up seeing a house while walking in the woods. The house turns out to be Ella (the girl that was being bullied and her mother Dr.Martineze's house. Ella sees Max and brings her inside. Max shows them her shoulder but not her wing because she doesn't want them to freak out about it. They end up seeing her wings but they do not freak out. Dr.Martineze takes an x-ray of her wings and sees that they will heal on their own.
Max flies to Lake Mead to meet Fang and Nudge who have been waiting in a cave for a while now. When she meets them there she is greeted by not only Fang and Nudge but Iggy and Gazzy as well. They fly to the school to rescue Angel and once they get there they go to a lab room where they see Angel in a cage. Ari walks in the room with some other Erasers. The Erasers have another epic battle with Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, and Gazzy. The flock ends up getting trapped in cages, when they get ready to kill the flock they escape and fly away. Angel tells everyone about what had happened to her and that she had heard about everyone's parents but Max's. She also hears about an Institute. Which is where the info of their parents is.
They all decide to go and find the Institute that is somewhere in New York. While in New York they have to live in different places including a secret room in the subway underground. When she is in the secret room she gets a massive headache that has pictures in her head. When she has one of her headaches a boy goes up to her and asks her what she is doing to her computer. Max looks at the screen and realizes that the pictures in her head are on the computer too. The following day she hears a voice that tells her what to do. Summary Continued When they finally find the Institute the find out that it is only a lab that has mutants like them. After the flock finds what they are looking for they decide to rescue the other mutants. After they opened all the cages they here footsteps coming into the room. It turns out to be Ari and some other Erasers. The flock tells all the mutants to run. Max leaves the room last trying to fight Ari. Her and Ari get in a fight which ends up killing Ari. They all leave and the flock separates from the other mutants.
The flock crowds around Max who is holding the paper they printed out at the Institute. They looked down tons of pages until the Gasman called out "Here I am!". They all crowded around Gazzy to find his name followed by an address. Fang said "Lets start there!". Just like that they were on their way to find Gazzy's parents.

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