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Safety BIM Blackboard

No description

Contessa Smile

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of Safety BIM Blackboard

Safety BIM Blackboard

Defining the objectives
Use BIM Modeling for Safety Elements
What if we do nothing?
How can we expect our company to grow or be innovative if we do nothing?
Short Term Goals
Long Term Goals
Current situation
Desired state
Plan of Action
Attack as many long and short term goals on these projects
Training of senior safety staff in 360 Glue
Successful sharing of models-beginning/tracking
Have a visual tool and audit trail to use during the construction process and to use for collecting safety data for future jobs
Come up with short term goals, long term goals, and jobs that we can use to obtain our goals
Trail and Error from workflow process as well as outlined goals

Should be documented in retrospective format
Challenges and opportunities
Current Advantages
Use in OSHA Orientation and as a visulization tool for onsite training
Get your audience excited
Share, Share, Share
Show how things would improve
Back Up Data
How problems can be resolved
Retrospectives of Trial and Error
New strategies of sharing and housing information


Accurately outlining items we have never outlined or tracked

Visual aspects
Time intensive

We don't know what works yet
Color coordinate items complete, under construction, and upcoming construction for field team and new personnel
Use the models for OSHA training in the field---For JC
What do we want out of underground utility models for safety in the long run?

Clash dectecton

Existing vs new construction

Overhead utilities with existing

Create View points for field to
coordination safely their upcoming work
Safety Equipment Qtys. and where abouts
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Outline jobs to use these new initiatives on for the year
Original Fire Protection and Handrails-budget and qtys compare estimated and actual
Evaluate Costs of Safety
Estimating Backup (historical
data for tracking and furture
All inclusive
Perimeter Handrail
Hole Covers
Fire Protection
Tie off points
Steve Sawyer
Josh White
Contessa Smile Hayter
Site Logistics
crane path
drop off paths
Laydown yards
Power Lines
Safety Modeling for an
owner presentations
and marketing
Pump Truck Placement
Pump Truck Placement
Fire Protection
overhead and underground
Pre-project checklist
3-D Model
Field Orders
Identify job specific
safety needs
Highlands Ave.
New Orleans Hotel
Westin (Nashville)
Identifying needs
Hazard Forcasting and safety planning
Emergency Action Plan
Actual vs Estimated Costs
Safer jobsites
Quick understanding of job and safety goals
Understanding the all utilization of BIM in Safety
How do we update and share files
Document on Hazard Forecasting for HPC

Make meeting request
Make sure that all Safety (Snr) personnel have appropriate software on iPad(s) and Laptop(s)
Josh Coats
Jared Chaffin
Don Mosley
John Tindall
Courtney Turner

Josh White

CS to contact Auburn and possible collaborations with engineering (Industrial Science)
Retro and COS for Safety Survey
-Get with SS for committee names and set up meeting
Safety Budget
Hazard Forecasting Status
Safety Survey POS Discussion
Made main point of contact with Paul Holley. Sounded interested. Gave me information on which professors are focused in these areas.

CSH-follow up
Set up a Think Zero + BIM page
-Start Sharing
-Jeff, Troy, SS, leadership team, senior group
SS-Send me a list of people to invite

CSH-Set up Think Zero + BIM page
Troy and Russ are discussing what this is going to look like
CSH-Circle up with Russ
In process
SS-Circle up with Troy
Safety Department Presentation
Possibility of coming in to present, if not
CSH-Circle up with Russ and help him get content together

SS-Circle up with Russ
CSH-help with Action Committee with COS, Retros, and other Lean and reflective practices
SS-drafting agenda, committee names, first meeting (retrospective-about current policy, process, redefining the form and written process) Survey program decision
Idea: First meeting White Paper, Second meeting Retrospective, (FIVE WHY?) Third meeting COS, steps on how to get there
Idea: get ember involved in helping set up a trending and information tracking for safety survey
Idea-wants to be able to track and steer efforts with the survey tracking --be able to log in and view trending--frequent found issues, good things, bad, issues etc for focusing--at the job level and overall
Need a checklist from Safety to give to VDC about the basics- Overhead/underground utilities, where the job site trailer, etc.
Find a Structure through the senior
safety directors to share BIM to their teams

Find a way to share the models with everyone and get their feedback.
Monthly meeting with senior group, CSH, and SS to discuss ideas/retrospective on model sharing and utilization

Also, quarterly with the entire group
Safety Presentation 10.3.2014
Possibly a place on Jive that people can place ideas
Things to figure out and present
BIM 360 Glue for Safety
THINK ZERO + BIM-R.Gibbs notes

• Introduction by Steve to talk about the group and the success of BIM in 2014 (15 min)
-How we got to where we are
-Where we want to go
-Safety Group structure on how personnel will request and receive models from VDC
• General overview BIM and company direction Russ (15 min)
-Make safety connection vs VDC group….there is a VDC group
-General Model process…how the team manages the model process
• How we start the process
-What do we receive from design teams
-How does VDC put that information into viewable formats
-Where are those documents located
• Viewing models of your iPad
• Viewing models on your laptop
• Modeling for safety
o Anything we are doing and where we want to go
o Hazard Forecast
• QA

VDC Needs
Safety Needs
-BIM 360?
-Fit in overall training formula
-Decide on curriculum outline
-Who needs to be trained?
-How many training sessions?
-Who needs to be trained?
-Number of training sessions?
Safety Class Outline
Safety Training
In Person Training Session
Live Webinar
Go To Meeting
Record series
Share online for viewing later
Have powerpoints for how to download and how to use BIM 360
Early-Mid December?
On a Friday
Make presentation
Meeting 11/5/2014 at 9:00 central
We need to understand where job site safety doc are stored?
-Documents reviewed internally electronically
-How to share site safety docs with entire jobsite and all personnel
Show Steve how you link to them in box. Show how bar coding links straight to them.

I think this could be huge for safety.

You can tag certain files... Then filter that search....then copy that URL. Then link to all docs with that specific tag.

Let's discuss

Safety Survey

Hold Retrospective
Hold COS
Collect information
Do a possible website
Need to link and notify admins for review
Top Issues
Jobsite Websites Where Site Safety Docs can be housed.
Along with other information-show baptist and blog to describe.
Barcoding Ideas

Barcoding back to job website

-Fall Protection Items

Employee Safety Orientation
-barcoding for hard hat to help from job to job

jobsite laptop for website to be shareable
Safety Pilot Formatting

Jump on safety call before 1/31/2015

-SS, CSH, PM, Josh Coats, Brian Lourcey, Randy Murphy
-Format with subcontractor {alpha}
Make tabs under each subcontractor
-Site safety plan
-Company safety program
-hazcom program
-Chemical List *
-Upload buttons
-typ. jobsite info
-make some tabs like baptist and put safety plans etc on it safety related
Please find our latest installment of Safety Conversations for January 2015. As we start a New Year, many of us will reflect on ways in which
we can improve our lives; start an exercise program, lose some weight, and/or stop a bad habit are all items that top the list. Luckily for us, we serve an organization in which caring for one another isn’t a resolution, it’s just who we are every day.

What are you going to do to make our organization better in 2015?

Train the Safety Department in viewing software
Retrospective for Training

Crane Erection

{Files in Think Zero + BIM Inbox CSH}
Hazard Forecasting in Solibri

Rules for Fire Extinguisher spacing, etc.
Audit Trail
Load Links to Jive
Share Jive with Safety Group
Get Safety Managers to upload and share, what they are doing, how they are using software, what works, what doesn't
2015 ABC innovation in Safety Submittal
Steve to discuss with Sheri Cane what we need to do for submittal and document
prepare docs
Deadline-End of March
Award Ceremony *fingers crossed* April
2016 ideas: Safety Surver
Pilot Job #1: Blue Bell

Using Box for file sharing
Try BIM 360 Field on a Job
-LA Select

More info: http://www.autodesk.com/products/bim-360-field/overview


Maybe on a large scale Nashville job
on safety equipment (confined space monitors, fire extingushers etc)
Hazard forecasting and first response site layout?
Audit trail is being tracked on a "Placemat" for cost, time, lessons learned, and other tracking methods

Location of file:
Action Items From Training
Send prezi from training
post training info on Jive or sharing site
Send invite to sharing center
Post ideas on how to utilize the model from the training


Google Earth Forecasting
Case studies find out how the being written see if we can add one
Try scaffolding software to figure out target market
UA tracking and pathways--Touch base and see what we would provide (have a project to provide them to utilize and get them to track data and buy items to use--UA owns research it and we offer jobsite)-talk to Russ
Track pathways
What do we want to track? Can we use it along with anything else they are doing
encounters with equipment? Danger areas--assess risk, educated about risk and raise awareness
Apply this to best practices {SS thinks we are creating a good best practice library--one more tool to another jobsite and here is what we are learning and show what we can provide}
Create a library of work for Think Zero + BIM
Add Westin and GE Hooksett to jobsite
Electronic Safety Documents-pilot job-Laredo Port of Entry-Chris Hodges -use box- Jamie Vincent on job {3 months from now}
Lets us have a place mat at the end of job to show money savings for printing etc to create historical data to show savings
Steve to keep me updated here
Think Zero + BIM + Lean-CSH to email Katie
Check in Meetings
Action Items:

Set up box for reporting
Downloads, personel
Set up a meeting for presentation and by the end of it, we want to know "How does HC help Brasfield & Gorrie specic
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