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Writing an Effective Lead....

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Jennifer Palmer

on 13 February 2011

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Transcript of Writing an Effective Lead....

How to Write a Good Lead For a Biography Report What is a Lead? Why is a Lead Important? What are some Types of Leads? A lead is the start of your writing. A lead is the start of your writing. Whenever you write, you are writing for somebody to read what you wrote. That is your AUDIENCE. You write your lead for your audience. Think of a writer as the someone who fishes..... And think of the audience as the fish..... What is going to "hook" the audience and "catch" them so that they read what the author wrote? The LEAD! A LEAD is how the author hooks the audience so that they get interested and read what the author wrote! Writer (You) Audience (Reader) LEAD (the hook) Helpless under the power of a good lead.... Doesn't this look like you? There are many fish (readers) in the sea..... And many fishermen (writers)... A good lead "hooks" your reader before they get bored and move on.... On the other hand, a poor lead doesn't catch many "fish"... Hey! Come back!!! There are many types of leads, but for a biography reports there are some that are really effective... These leads work the best:
Challenging Statement A quote by the person you are writing about gets the reader interested right away in that person. Example of a quotation lead: "It is better to be alone than in bad company," George Washington once said. He was not only our first president, but a wise man as well... An action immediately draws the reader into the excitement of that person's life... Action lead example: Click! Clack! Click! Went the keyboard as Bill Gates typed furiously... A question gets the reader to read on, hoping for an answer... Question lead example: Did Henry Ford REALLY invent the first car? Starting with a historical arguement gets the reader to think deeply about that person... Challenging Statement Lead Example: Chistopher Columbus was not the hero many people think he was... A Few Last Things About Leads... They are usually only one sentence long... How do you know a lead is good? Have someone read it and tell you what they think. Try writing all 4 types of leads for your report. Then choose the best one.... (Yes, it's that important!)
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