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Western Capitalism and Chinese Confucianism?

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Jonathan Gee

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Western Capitalism and Chinese Confucianism?

Is Capitalism compatible with Confucianism?
NO! "The Chinese are not necessarily better or worse than Westerners, only different"
~Scarborough THE WEST
individual rights
rule by law
cultural interaction
sufficient resources to support early urbanization, specialization of labor, and large scale trade
Reliance on reason and the scientific method China
Individual duty and collective obligations
Rule by personality and imperial authority
Cultural isolation
An agrarian subsistence economy and endless hardship both natural and imposed
Reliance on precedent, intuition and wisdom The Economy Works
Does It? Either way works, but compatible with each other?
Capitalism and Confucianism will never be able to work together in harmony.
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