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how lifi works?

Vishwesh Soni

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of LiFi


we all aware of wifi technology

That uses a traditional radio waves to transmit the data
you are gonna think about the Wi-Fi...............
The Biggest problem of wifi
And the solution is Li-Fi
What is Li-Fi ??
Li-Fi stands for light fidelity.
Li-Fi is visible light communicaton(vlc) technology that transmit the data bidiractional through illumination(lighting).
standard is IEEE(802.11ad)
Fully networked wireless system
Who invent Li-Fi?

Harald Hass from university of
Edinburg introduce Li-Fi in
Li-Fi is a 5g visible light communication,technolog
The light from light emitiing diodes(LED) is used to
as a medium to deliver networked,mobile
highspeed commmunication.
If LED is on digital Data '1' istrasmitted And if LED is off Digital data '0' is transmitted .
LED varies in intensity so fast that human eye cannot detact it.
All The data Streamed into Lampdriver from
Data From internet is used to modulate
the intensity of led light source
Li-Fi Router
server as a connected to external line
as simple dsl.
Suitable for small office or home use
Li-Fi Applications
In traffic scenario traffic,Lifi can
be used to communicate with the LED
lights of cars
Cars can have LED-based headlight,backlight
and can communicate with each other.
that can be should
That can be used to send information
about the road condition in the car.
Lecture / Seminar Hall
1. More secure from hacking,relative to wifi.
2.Direct line of sight isn't necessary for LiFi
to transmit.
3.Li-Fi has advantage of being useful in
electromagnatic sensitive areas.
4.Li-Fi expected to be ten times cheaper than

1.presence of light is essintial.
2.Ther should be line of sight.
3.Works better with flourescent
light and LEDs but very low
efficiency with bulbs

Vishwesh soni

You can see.
one day ago.
According to Google news tiimeline and NEWS WEEK the (U.S journal) says that
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