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Mise-en-Scene: Let The Right One In

No description

Hannah Lees

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Mise-en-Scene: Let The Right One In

Mise-en-Scene: Let the Right One In Directed by Tomas Alfredson Language: Swedish The darkness of Eli's hair could be representational to her character and the nature of her character. Oskar only ever meets Eli when it's dark outside. Oskars hair throughout stays a light blond, this could be significant to the innocence and purity of his character. In this scene, when Eli attacks, we stay in Oskars state under the water, this prevents us from seeing or being aware of the brutality that Eli is capable of doing. When he surfaces, we only see her eyes and not her bloody mouth. This is maybe used to show that how much Oskar loves Eli overcomes the fact that she is a vampire. The clothes that Eli wears could also be representational of her character. Color wise, they often look faded and old, maybe showing her age, but are always soft, pastel colors which suggest innocence - polarized to her being a vampire.
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