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Karim Rashad- Mohammed Nasr- Mohammed Tarek- Maichel Mounier

No description

mohammed tarek

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Karim Rashad- Mohammed Nasr- Mohammed Tarek- Maichel Mounier

Karim Rashad-Micheal Mounier- Mohammed Nasr-Mohammed Tarek

Irresponsible behaviour
Charitable event
Musical instrument
Distinctive style
Historical play

Expressions and preposition
Festivals and Folk Music
Language Notes
Celebrate (v.) celebrated for(adj.) Celebrity (n.)
celebratory (adj.)

 Do you celebrate christmas in your country?
 She is celebrated (famous) for her wit.
 A lot of celebrities always visit this place.
 They are in a celebratory mood.
 You have passed? This calls for celebration.

 The pyramids are a landmark of Egypt.
 Her speech was a landmark in the history of civil rights .

Mark (v.) Mark (n.)

 He left dirty marks on the carpet.
 She always gets good marks in English.
 His death marks an era of injustice.

I go to sleep on the back but I wake up in a different position.
She is in a very difficult position.

position (n.) position (v.)

Procession (n.) Process (n.) Proceed (v.)

Buying a house is a long and complicated process.
We walked in the funeral procession for three hours.
His lawyer decided not to proceed with his case.

Distinct (adj.)Distinction (n.) Make a DistinctionDistinctive (adj.) distinctively (adv.)

 The word has three distinct meanings.
 There is a distinction between written and spoken language.
 He has a distinctive style of writing.
 She writes poetry distinctively.

Event - incident -accident

 The meeting with the president is a historical event.
 Some incidents occur on this remote island.
 He had an accident on the way home.

Evolve (v.)= develop
 The loud evolved into a number of modern instruments.
Folk (n.) Folklore (n.)Folk (adj.) Folksy (adj.)
 We always spend weekends with our folks(parents)
 Cultures have their own traditional folk music.
 Abu Zeid Al helali was a folk hero.

1- Everyone agreed to meet at the airport.
2- The boys have arranged to play football after school.
3- Ali has decided to study science at university.
4- I expect to finish my homework later this evening.
5- They hope to get a job they enjoy doing.
6- I learnt to swim when I was three years old.

1. Karim admitted borrowing my pen without asking me.
2. The driver of the car avoided hitting the motorbike.
3. He dislikes sleeping during the day.
4. The children enjoyed playing in the sea.
5. They’re going home as soon as they've finished working.
6. Musicians practice playing their instruments for many hours a day.

give out to - depend on
second largest island - in the open air
Like the Sphinx - In the same way
on the day after -New Year’s Day - Unlike
all over the world - different from
mark the beginning of spring.
Make up historical events - get through
Write down - evolve into
With this in mind - vary from place to place
it is our responsibility to - common in
In relation to - Pick somebody up from

Listen to three people talking about festivals
and check your answers.
Listen again and complete these sentences.

a After the harvest festival in England, fruit and vegetables
b The Sapporo Snow Festival lasts for .............................
c The Chinese New Year festival takes place between .............................
d Chinese people visit their relatives on .............................
e In Egypt, the beginning of spring is marked by .............................
f Next year, Tom may go to the ......
agree to- arrange to- decide to- expect to-
hope to- learn to
admitt- avoid- dislike-enjoy- finish
like- love -Prefer -can't bear -hate- begin -Start continue

I like getting/to get up early in summer.

remember- forget -regret- try -Stop
Difference in meaning between
Leila stopped listening to the radio.
Leila stopped to listen to the radio.

permit - forbid -advise-
encourage recommend - allow

object----> to+ inf.
No object ----> Gerund
- We don’t allow smoking here. = we don’t allow anyone to smoke here
VERB+to+Gerund !
take to
be used to
be accustomed to
get used to
own up to
lead to
owing to
be busy It’s worth
have difficulty (in)
It’s a waste of money
It’s no good = It’s no use It’s a waste of time
There is no point in Feel like
Can’t stand How about

Expressions+ verb + ing.
Would like to -would prefer to - would love to-would hate to
verbs + to + inf.
adjective + to + verb
happy / sad / glad / willing / unwilling / eager / pleased / lucky / relieved / amazed
/ astonished


to do something special because it is a special occasion, or because something good has happened

a round musical instrument which you play by hitting it with your hand or a stick

Small objects that explode or bum with a coloured light, used for celebrating special events. ( let off /set off a firework)fireworks display

something that helps you recognise where you're, such as a famous building

floating gardens

traditional and typical of the ordinary people who live in a particular area

if something is your responsibility, it is your duty to make sure that it is done

if things of the same type vary, they are all different from each other

to show that something is happening, especially an important event or change

something that happens or exists because of , something else

a line of people or vehicles moving slowly as part of a ceremony

showing a person or thing to be different from others

something that happens, especially something important, interesting or unusual•

to develop or make something develop gradually

-Fire works
Landmark (n.)
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