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Curated Cupping - Brewing with Particles - V2

Coffee Grinding Explored

Five Senses Coffee

on 28 June 2018

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Transcript of Curated Cupping - Brewing with Particles - V2

Grind Distribution Basics
-Burr Shape
-Burr Size
-Material Composition
Particle Taste & TDS
Surface Area
1) 1.7 mm and over
: tea-like (yellow colour), watery, not too complex, however has a pleasant sweetness.

2) 1.18-1.7 mm
: thin, bitter, cocoa like "block of taste", basic, no complexity.

3) 850 um- 1.18mm
: grassy, wheaty, thin.

4) 600-850 um
: good body, pleasant sweetness, nice acid, well balanced.

5) 425-600 um
: good body, short but pleasant finish.

6) 300-425 um
: good mouthfeel, big body, quite flat, strong, low acid.

7) fines below 300um
: flat, low body, low acid.

8) "normal" filter grind

on Mahlkonig 3.5 setting
: sweet, higher acid, slightly harsh finish.
Average Particle Sizes
1. Raw Output
2. 600-300
3. 600-fines
4. Fines
5. 600-850
6. Blunt Burrs
7. Sharp Burrs
Boulders removed
Boulders and fines removed
Just fines
Best single screen size according to sensory scores
300 um
425 um
600 um
850 um
Microscope Images
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