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Marcel Marceau

No description

Clara Roses

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of Marcel Marceau

Marcel Marceau
By Clara Harrison Roses Bibliography:
*http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcel_Marceau (wikipedia)
*Marcel Marceau: Mater of Mime/ by Gloria Spielman and Manon Gauthier If you have ever been to the Sea Otter show at Sea World, you might remember that pirate/mime guy who entertained people before the show began. Alfred Hitchcock has directed many silent films such as The Lodger, The Farmer's Wife, Champagne, The Manxman, ect. Marcel Marceau was a very famous actor and mime, and was in many silent films. He was also known as Bip the clown sometimes. On March 22nd 1923, baby Marcel Mangel was born. His last name was Mangel, until he changed it later on. His parents were Charles and Anna Mangel. This jewish family lived in Strasbourg, France. As a young child, Marcel was inspired and fascinated by a film director and composer named Charles Chaplin. Charles Chaplin was best known in the silent film era. Marcel would wear his father's fancy clothes and go out on the streets and perform for the people in his community. After his father took him to see one of Charles Chaplin's shows, he was even more inspired. His friends would always love whenever he performed for them because even at a young age, he was very talented. People would even go to his house and request to see him. All was going well until France was taken over by Hitler and the Nazis during World War 2. In order to be safe, the family fled to Limoges. Unfortunately, not all of them were safe. His father was captured, brought to a concentration camp, and killed. This was around the time that Marcel changed his last name to Marceau. He and his brother Alain also joined the French resistance, where they would forge photos and identifications of children in order to save them from being sent to concentration camps. He started taking Jewish children to the Switzerland border so they could be safe, saving even MORE lives. When the children were sad, hungry and depressed, Marcel would pantomime for them. Sometimes to get their spirit up, he even sang along with them. The children got so good that even Nazis would compliment them. he dressed them up so that the Nazis wouldn't mistake them for Jewish children. These trips were very risky and dangerous, but it made him a hero. In general, he was a very nice person. Early Life World War II and Hitler Marceau's first performance took place after the liberation of Paris in 1944. He performed for 3000 troops. After the war, he studied dramatic arts in Paris and he joined the company of Jean-Louis Barrault. He did a great job as a pantomime playing the role of Arlequin. He also starred in a "mimodrama" called Praxitale and the Golden Fish. he was very successful and it assured him that he would be great as a mime After this early success in his career. Bip the clown was a personality that Marceau created and in 1947 he first played that role at the Pocket Theatre in Paris. He was his "alter ego" of second personality of himself. Bip showed things about life that people identified with. In 1949, Marceau received an award for mimes called the Deburau Prize for the mime drama Death before Dawn. Marcel founded the only company of pantomime in the world called Compagnie de Mime Marel Marceau. Marcel also was a producer of mime dramas which included Pierrot de Montmarte, The Three Wigs, the Pawn, Shop 14 July, The wolf of Tsu Ku Mi, and paris cries paris laughs and Don Juan. Career Once Marcel appeared on teleision, millions of people became familiar with his mime act. He appeared o famous reality shows of the day suh as Mike Douglas and Dinah Shore. That's like going on Jay Leno or Ellen today. He also paired with a famous actor of the day named Red Shelton. There were also movies and motion pictures where he had starring roles. He had a part in Mel Brook's silent movie. Marcel wrote a few children's books which he also illustrated. One is called The Story of Bip. Ecole Internationale de Mime is a school in Paris that Marcel Marceau opened. Here is an example of how good Marcel Marceau is at Miming. The End
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