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Louisiana abcs

No description

Jack Sourbeck

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Louisiana abcs

Louisiana abcs

By:Jack .s a is for

armstrong louis armstrong is a fomous musician in new orleans

http:www.50states.com B is for baton rouge it is the capital c is for the coca-cola museum it has
old coca-cola stuff e is for elevation new orleans is -8 below sea level f is for fishing Louisiana caches 25% of all sea food
for the u.s.a g is for great migration
farmers lost crops and the black went to the north h is for hurricane Louisiana gets hit by hurricanes a lot i is for insect the state insect is the honey bee j is for jindal bobby jindal is the governor k is for kicker tom Dempsey kicked a 63 yard field goal
for the saints l is for lake Pontchartrain it is one of the biggest salt
water lakes in the u.s.a m is for Michael Ellis he invented the artificial heart n is for new Orleans it is the biggest town in louisiana o is for oil is a economics p is for population it is 4,533,372 q is for quitman it is a town r is for race lond is a town s is for sinkhole Louisiana has a sinkhole that
is getting bigger t is for tree the state tree is the
bald cypress u is for university of Louisiana it is a
college v is for the veterans affairs helps veterans
it is apart of the government w is for the wildlife department is a
government department x is for Xavier university it is a college y is for youngsvill is a town z is for zwolle is a town thanks for watching d is for dike new orleans has a dike/flood wall sources
student atlas
rand mcNally atlas
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