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Women's Suffrage in Texas

No description

Ubakum Mere

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Women's Suffrage in Texas

Celebrating Texas; Honoring the Past; Building the Future
Women's Suffrage in Texas
Important Woman Thanks to the Nineteenth Amendment
Annie Webb Blanton - Became the first Woman elected to state office. Was elected as State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Christia Daniels Adair - African American suffrage leader, then joined the NCAACP
Effects of Women's Suffrage
- Created higher expectations for women. By the early twentieth century, woman were allowed to attend college to prepare them for actual jobs. Women also began to get jobs that had a heavy male population. Like law, medicine, clergy, and corporate jobs.
- Womens' salaries increased but were still not as much as mens'. Womens' economic roles increased. And there were more education opportunities, and women felt that they could have better professional jobs
- The country's involvement in World War I required the support of women. When the U.S entered the war in 1917, the Woman Suffrage amendment was entered in the House of Representatives, leading to the Nineteenth Amendment allowing all women with American citizenship, the right to vote
Pictures of the Women's Suffrage Movement
It is 1863. You are a successful female business owner, and you are into politics. You have helped several different politicians win many elections. But even after all of your hard work you still cannot vote. And you are fighting for the right to vote.

What is Womens' Suffrage?
The right of women, by law, to vote in national and local elections. This term was officially started being used in 1863.
Women's Suffrage
Important Events
Women in Texas established the Texas Women Suffrage Association, later to be called the Texas Equal Suffrage Association, in 1903. This group brought the issue of womans' rights to the state legislature, but were denied
In 1918, Texas passed a bill giving women the right to vote in state primaries
In June 1919, the Texas legislature voted in favor of the Nineteenth Amendment
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