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Peter and the Wolf

No description

Lorraine Rigden

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Peter and the Wolf

Peter and the Wolf
By: Sergei Prokofiev

Peter Duck (Sonya) Cat (Ivan) Played by the string family: VIOLIN, VIOLA, CELLO, BASS
Music is light, happy, bouncy-- Peter is walking through the forest
Changes mood throughout story

Played by the OBOE
Remind us of a waddling, quacking duck
Also represents her swimming in the pond Played by CLARINET
Represents quiet steps of cat's paws
Tiptoeing, later running away from the Wolf Characters, leitmotifs, and instruments Grandfather Wolf Hunters Bird (Sasha) Played by the FLUTE
Imitation of a singing bird
Very fast rhythms Played by the BASSOON
Low, deep sound
Kind, but scolds Peter for putting himself in danger
Slow moving- footsteps of an old man Played by 3 FRENCH HORNS
Dark, ominous, scary moo
Bad character of the story Played by the TIMPANI
Approaching footsteps through the woods
In search of the Wolf, they fire in the air (Timpani is heard)
Now, let's listen to the whole story...
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