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Christian Brothers

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 17 June 2016

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Transcript of Christian Brothers

byHamish and Lance
Founder of the Christian Brothers
Where did this order originate from?
What influence did this order have on Catholic Schools?
How does this order live the Gospel Values?

They are like Jesus, they made schools and gave to the poor to make shore that the poor are educated and well.

Christian Brothers

What is their religious mission?
Edmund Ignatius Rice, founded the Christian Brothers in 1802 Ireland, Waterford. Edmund Ignatius Rice, was a Roman Catholic missionary and a professional educator. He was born in June 1, 1762, and died August 29, 1844.
Edmund Ignatius Rice, started the Christian Brothers in Ireland, Waterford. Edmund Ignatius Rice, a rich businessman of southeast Ireland, devoted his life to educating the children of the poor In 1802.
Some high schools here in Brisbane, were started by the Christian Brothers. They learn lots about helping the poor like project compassion and mini vinnies to let the poor play and learn like us.
The religious mission that Edmund Rice, did was to help the poor so they can have education and make them learn to write and read books so they can read and learn their Religious order
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