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Cigarettes Yes? or No?

Contreversial Ideas between Smoking Cigarettes

Taylor Murphy

on 24 June 2010

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Transcript of Cigarettes Yes? or No?

Cigarette Smoking Yes? or no? Pros for smoking Cigarettes Look Cool around your friends
Realeases stress when your a stressful person
A person that has to keep there hands busy
Some people bond together more when there smoking. Cons for Smoking Cigarettes Increase your chances of getting cancers and body infections
Nobody will wont to be around you cause you smell
Hard to get off smoking when startes and will waste money on smokes
Not being able to breathe properly. Smoking Kills Around 37000 people die a year in canada alone, and in the world over 500 people die a day because of smoking.
People say that when we get to the year 2015 smoking is set to kill over 6.5 million people, and by the year 2030 over 8.3 million people will die from smoking. Smoking cause lung cancer Smoking is one of the highest cause of getting lung cancer, the substances in cigarettes that cause cancers are called carcinogens.
These carcinogens are the reason why cells get damaged and damaged cells lead to lung cancer. Electronic cigarettes The Electronic smoke is getting more and more popular for people that are trying to quite smoking these are called 'E-Cigarettes'.
They remove all of the harm chemicals out of the smoke but you are still getting the same satisfacion to if you smoking a regular smoke but less harmless The End! By: Taylor Murphy
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