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Let's Stop Animal Abuse!

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Angiebear Ryu

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Let's Stop Animal Abuse!

Let`s Stop Animal Abuse!
What is the issue?
Animal abuse has been debated for an extremely long time and it has gone on for far too long but nothing has been really changed over the past decade. People continue to use violence against animals for their own benefits. I say we need to step up and make a change!
What areas of the world is the issue affecting?
Animal cruelty is a worldwide issue, however different problems are raised in different areas.
Two Perspectives

-Animal Welfare: They believe nothing is wrong with using animals for human purposes such as; food, entertainment, clothing, and research as long as it only brings "minimal" pain.
Two sides are presented in the issue, they are:
-Animal Rights: They are strongly against animal abuse
as it is unnecessary to use animals so carelessly and violently.
Groups: Research labs for companies, economical industries,
those who only believe in human benefits, people who
make a living off of animals (circuses).
Groups: large organizations to stop animal abuse, animal rescue
groups, animal shelters and individuals.
-Domestic abuse is common in family households for either two reasons;
the person enjoys hitting or uses extreme violence on the animal for their own entertainment.
The household cannot afford to take care of the animal thus, leaving it alone to starve and eventually die.
-Research labs use many animals such as dogs, cats, mice and rabbits to test new products for human use.
A prime example is the Johnson & Johnson Company that uses animal testings for cosmetic products.
Americas (South & North)- Domestic violence, animal testing
Asia, India and Australia- Food, clothing
Europe- Entertainment
North and South America
-Animals such as cows, pigs, goats, sheep and even dogs are prime targets of the leather, wool, and fur industries.
China, India, and Australia
-Most leathers and furs are exported from China and India where they have little interest in Animal welfare laws.
-Millions of animals are killed in the slaughterhouses for our human needs.
-Over 2 million dogs and cats are killed each year
Currently in China, dogs have become the new fur for clothing and people actually sell and eat dog meat.
Food and Clothing
In the Chinese fur industry,
There are no limits to abusing an animal in China
Crazy fact: Every year there is an actual LEGAL dog meat festival where thousands of dogs are slaughtered in the two day period.
hundreds of dogs are squished into cages where they are killed by being slaughtered, skinned and boiled for their fur and meat.
-India has been a prime country of the exportation of leather due to their extremelu large amount of slaughterhouses and cattle.
-Some disturbing procedures that these animals go through before they are even killed are:
branding (causing 3rd degree burns)
Tail docking
All are done without painkillers and animals receive no medical attention
Crazy fact: More than a million cows are slaughtered every year for their skin and meat!
The wool industry in Australia makes one of the most innocent animals, the lamb, turn into a wool making machine just for our human needs!
Every year, millions of sheep are sent to the Middle East alive to get slaughtered to their death.
Every animal goes through gruesome procedures such as castration, tail-chopping, and getting their ears hole punched before they are sent away to the slaughterhouses.
The main issue about animal abuse in Europe is that the people enjoy using animals for entertainment.
Ways they use and abuse animals are:
Rodeos & Horse racing- Bulls, cows and horses are forced to be used in these games and are usually uncared and abused by the owners.
Circuses- Although the animals may look like they are having fun playing tricks for the crowds, these animals are also forced to act and are as well, abused and receive no medical care.
Blood Fiestas- In Spain, 10,000-20,000 of these fiestas are held which are basically events where there is bloodshed by using animals.
A popular & common game would be bullfighting
What is Currently being done?
Those who are getting involved with the issue are using various ways to spread the word about animal abuse.

People are
Animals are being
are being made
Alberta SPCA
Calgary Humane Society
ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation)

ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
American Humane Association
Four Paws
FAACE (Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe)
Act ASIA for Animals
Did you know?
Most international organizations have been campaigning animal abuse for over 30+ years!
Who does it affect? Why should people be concerned?
This issue mainly affects everyone that rely on these animals for food, clothing and entertainment. Because this issue is getting more serious as time passes, more people are getting involved with this matter. Since we have been living this way for quite a long time, it will effect everyone depending on the changes where most people want to resist a new lifestyle.
Does it affect people social/emotional/physical well-being?
Yes! Watching animals go through this amount of violence breaks hearts of many including myself. It's very emotional and sad to see so many innocent lives being taken away and still, we can't stop it.
What are the long term consequence if we leave it how it is?
If we continue the way we live today, more animals will be killed, more will become extinct and who knows what humans will use next to meet their expectations! If we don't put an end to this issue, more and more people will think it's okay to easily take a life like that. The more time wasted, the more lives are taken. We never know what will happen in the future, but it is best to prevent what we don't want later on.
Current and Possible Solutions
Many organizations are raising social awareness through videos, websites and donations.
Individuals are volunteering, participating in programs and spreading the word of the cause.
Organizations are arranging rescues of animals from homes and research labs.
People are running campaigns
Individuals are trying to make a difference by staying away from animal manufactured products and becoming a vegetarian
Organizations should internationally protest against countries where animal welfare laws do not exist or are poorly enforced.
The government of countries should enforce or create animal rights and ban the use of abusing animals for food, entertainment and clothing.
We as humans, should make an effort to save more lives by being careful of what we buy. We especially should keep in mind of our needs vs. our wants.
Are these solutions currently being implemented? How are they effecting the issue?
All of these solutions are being implemented and are doing some effect towards the issue. For example, as more organizations are spreading the word, more people are getting involved by donating and protesting. Also, because millions of people love animals, they try to make an effort to save them. Rescue foundations are doing a great job of trying their best to rescue as many lives as they can.
What can I do to help?
There are multiple things I could do to help my cause:
Volunteer at a local animal shelter
Create a video on Animal Abuse for Social Awareness
Participate in a program sponsored by an organization
Join a campaign
A Short Video
Here is a 6 minute animal rescue video and is one of my favorite!
Since the issue is worldwide, it is much more difficult to end the issue everywhere. The responsibility lies in the government's hands of the country. They are responsible for laws after all, and make the decisions of the animal rights in their country.
Whose responsibility is it to address/end the issue?
Do they have the power or desire to do so?
If it is the country's government making the decision, then yes! Of course they have the power to make change but it depends on whether they want to do so or not. Countries such as China and India produce large industries of leather and fur clothing so it may be difficult to change the ways of the peoples' lives.
Thank you for watching and I hope that this presentation made you think a little bit more about our world today!
By Angela Ryu
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