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01.02 West Meets East Meets West: Monotheistic Religions

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Timothy Keyes

on 7 April 2017

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Transcript of 01.02 West Meets East Meets West: Monotheistic Religions

Question 1
Me: What is the holy book of your faith and how does it compare to others?

Moses: The book of my people is the Bible. The Bible builds on the Torah by adding the stories and teachings of Jesus.

Jesus: My peoples book is known as the Torah. The Torah is comprised of the first 5 books of what Christians call the Old Testament.

Muhammad: Although my people honor both the Hebrew and the Christian Bible but considers the Qur'an to be the latest, and most accurate, revelation. Muslims across the world memorize and recite the Qur'an in Arabic.
Question 2
Me: How are the basic beliefs of your faith similar to the other monotheistic faiths?

Moses: Like the other monotheistic faiths, my people believe in one God, and only one. The Greek, for example, believe in more than one God; this makes them polytheistic.

Jesus: Like Moses's people, my people also believe in one God and only one. Other than that, my peoples Torah includes the old testament which is in the Bible.

Muhammad: Like the other monotheistic religions, my people believe that the founder of our religion is a descendant of Abraham.
Question 3
Me: How are the basic beliefs of your faith different from the other monotheistic faiths?

Moses: My people have no 'devil', the Jewish satan is just an ordinary angel, under God's control. Also, in my peoples faith, angles don't have free will.

Jesus: My people describe satan as a devil and fallen angel. That is one belief my people have that the other monotheistic religions don't believe in.

Muhammad: My peoples devil has free will, like humans have free will.
Question 4
Me: Why is the Holy Land an important site for your faith?

Moses: The Holy Land is important to the my people because it was the land promised to us by God. The Holy Land is also where our great temple had once stood

Jesus: The Holy Land was the city where I was crucified and rose from the dead. Over the years many come to visit the historic landmark.

Muhammad: The Holy Land it was the place where I rose to heaven. I began my ascent to heaven from the dome of the rock.
Question 5
Me: What makes your religion monotheistic and what does monotheistic mean?

Moses: If your religion is monotheistic, then you believe in one God. My people are monotheistic because we believe in one God, Yahweh.

Jesus: Mono means one and theistic means God, so monotheistic means the belief in one God, and only one God. My people are monotheistic because we believe in one God.

Muhammad: Monotheistic is the belief in one God and one God only. And my peoples God is Allah.
01.02 West Meets East Meets West: Monotheistic Religions
By: Timothy Keyes
Mrs. McKinley
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