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Effect Of Gummy Bears In Salt Water And In Regular Water

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Janelly Rivera

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Effect Of Gummy Bears In Salt Water And In Regular Water

Effect Of Gummy Bears In Salt Water And In Regular Water
My hypothesis to this experiment would be that the gummy bears will shrink in the salt water and grow in the regular water. I predict that in the salt water, they be small enough that you will be able to see the difference. As for the regular water, I think they will take in all the water and grow if not a lot then at least enough that you can tell it grew. I can compare this experiment to those little toys that grow in water.
From this experiment, I have learned that what is happening here is called osmosis. There are three different types of osmosis, there is isotonic, hypotonic, and hypertonic.
By: Janelly Rivera
Harding School
8th Grade

1 Pack of gummy bears ( any brand )
2 Jars to put the gummy bears in. ( any size )
A Measuring cup
Water source
The two types of osmosis that are happening in this experiment is hypertonic and hypotonic. Hypertonic is when the cell grows (gummy bears in regular water).Hypotonic is when the cell shrinks (gummy bears in salt water).
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4- Chemistry365. "Gummy Bear Science". On-line. Internet. 2 March 2011. Available on http://philosophicallydisturbed.wordpress.com/2011/03/02/gummy-bear-science/
Grab all materials needed for experiment.
Fill up both of your jars with 236.59 mL of water.
Put in 118.29 mL of salt one of the cups.
Make sure to label the cup with salt to not mix up your gummy bears.
Place a gummy bear in each jar.
This process takes some time but after a couple of days, take out the gummy bears out of the jar.
Compare results from the gummy bears soaked in salt water to the gummy bears soaked in regular water.
Write results/ data.
My results were..
My results to this experiment was that the gummy bears both changed sizes (either by shrinking or growing) in three days in both solutions. The gummy bears shrunk to half of the original size of the gummy bear in the salt water, and the gummy bear grew a little more than half of its size in the regular water.
My Conclusion was..
In the salt water:
- After one night: They were the same size but had a few little tiny bubbles in them.
- After two nights: They had more bubbles in them but was still the same size.
After three nights: It looked kind of shriveled up; all of the bubbles were not there anymore; looked as if the bubbles had popped and took a part of the gummy bear with them; almost all features were gone; and the size of the gummy bear had decreased.
In the regular water:
- After one night: Looked like a gummy bear that had just been dipped into water; no change in size.
- After two nights: Looked like if it was started to get bloated a little bit; a little bit of growth shown in size.
- After three nights: It looked completely bloated; the features were still in the gummy bear but they looked as if they had grown while the actual gummy bear had grew.
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