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My biography report on: Clara Barton

No description

Carmela Gomez

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of My biography report on: Clara Barton

My biography report on: Clara Barton
Timeline of events
1839 - Clara started her first teaching job at the age of 16.

1854 - Clara accepted a job in the United states patent office when she was 32, she was the first woman to work ina patent office.

1865 - The civil war began when confederate forces fired on the U.S.government outpost ta Fort Sumter, Clara stayed back to help aid the injured. The civil war ended the same year.
1873 - Clara went back to the United States, she had a nervous breakdown, she kept thinking of what people thought of her, she needed their approval and respect, she stayed in her bed for the next two years, she was unable to see, talk, move, eat, and sleep.

1896 - Louis Appia was one of the founders of the Red Cross and he had a talk with Clara to see if she wanted to join them to help aid others, she agreed to join them in helping aid others.

1898 - Clara assists victaims of the spanish-american war and publishes The Red Cross: A History.

By: Carmela Gomez
My biography report on: Clara Barton
Personal Information
Clara Barton was born on December 25, 1821.

Clara Barton was born in her home on her family's farm in North Oxford, Massachusetts.

Clara Barton was not married and had no children,her siblings were Dolly Barton, Stephen Barton, David Barton, and Sally Barton. Her parents were Stephen and Sarah Barton.
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Clara Barton attended New York City department of education. (High School)

Clara Barton attended the Clinton Liberal Institute in Clinton, New York.(For college)

Clara has no current occupation, she died in 1912.
Why did I choose this person?
I chose Clara Barton because she was a leader and inspiration for helping others. I chose her because she would always help people in need or aid, to spend every single day to help them was tough, but she was always happy and joyful every minute. I chose Clara Barton because Clara Barton did not just help others, she proved that women could do anything men could do and stand up to what she believed was right.I chose this person because she would always be nice and happy to everyone that she helped, she wanted everyone else to be happy even though they were sick or hurt. I chose her because she would always be focused on what she was doing and would always be organized and appreciated. I chose her because she was inspiration to people she has met and people she taught, she would always fight for what she believed in, she would always be happy no matter what she did, and she would do anything for the right thing. I chose Clara Barton because she also inspired me to always help other no matter what.
Biography Citation
Website :

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Book :

Christin Ditchfield. Clara Barton Founder of the American Red Cross. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data., 2004.
Clara Barton was awarded for the highest standing in North Oxford for discipline in the classroom. ( 1839 )

Clara Barton received the world's greatest nurse medal, but after her death. ( 1913 )

Clara Barton received the International Red Cross, the Cross of Imperial Russia, and the Iron Cross medals. ( 1902 )

Summary Of Book
Clara Barton was born on December 25, 1821. She had four other siblings with her; Dolly, Stephen, David, and Sally Barton,they always treated her as a doll or pet, her siblings would always teach her what they knew everyday. Her family had a history involvement with politics and war. Even though Clara knew a lot for her age, she was very shy. During her childhood, Clara feared a lot of things, Dolly had a nervous breakdown, she became very violent and hysterical, she got locked in a room with bars on the windows, after awhile, Dolly died. One of Clara's uncle died and her dad took care of his family, she would be living with her Uncles family. Her cousin David, fell from the roof top and he got very hurt, Clara was there to always help him and take care of his medicines, like a little nurse. When she was older, an English phrenologist came to check out Clara's brain to know her personality and behavior. He told her that shyness will always be, only if she becomes a teacher to have responsibility, she was so shocked.

Clara taught for ten years, she was invited to go around neighboring schools and teach there too. She was accepted and respected at all school she went to. After mother died, she went back home to North Oxford and eventually, Clara went back to school at the Clinton Liberal Institute in Clinton, New York. Clara founded a new school in New Jersey, it was the first free school. Clara got a job in Washington, D.C in a Patent office and was the very first woman to work at a Patent office. When the war has started in Fort Sumter at Charleston harbor, Clara stayed back to help aid the injured, like as one of the nurses. Clara knew that a lot of men were dying because of no help in time, so Colonial Daniel Rucker let her go work on the battlefield. After helping a soldier named Mary Calloway and saved her life, Clara had received a new name which was "The Angel Of The Battlefield". One of the Doctor named Louis Appia, a member of the International Red Cross, asked Clara to helped people in need. In addition, they put a gravestone for the missing or dead soldiers.

She had a nervous breakdown for two years, then in 1874, her recovery was complete.She was so dedicated with her work that she went to meeting and government officials to allow them to make a red cross where ever she was. She was elected president of the red cross. For years and years, she went everywhere that needed help. In 1904, she resigned as President and founded the National First Aid Association of America. She got very ill and got diseased, then she died in 1912. She was remembered for everything she did.
1. Clara Barton was a teacher.
2. Clara Barton founded her own school.
3. Clara was the first woman to work in a Patent office.
4. Clara Barton was one of the most honored women in American history.

5. Clara Barton was committed to helping soldiers on the battlefield by bringing them supplies, support and care, she earned the governments trust and let her help them.

6. Clara Barton was called " The Angel Of The Battlefield".

7. Clara Barton another woman named Dorence Atwater identified the graves of almost 13,000 men with the help of 30 military men, Barton suggested that unidentified graves receive commemoration, while forecasting future honors like the Tomb of the Unknowns.

8. Clara Barton was a founder of the American Red cross.
9. Clara was the first president of the international red cross.

10. Clara Barton took the International Red Cross that she took it to President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1877, it was rejected. Later, President James Garfield was supportive of her, but did not get a chance to sign it for he was assassinated. The next president which was Chester Arthur signed the treaty in 1882, and the Senate approved it just days later. Barton and some supporters established the American Association of the Red Cross in 1881, as a corporation in the District of Columbia.

11. Clara Barton was elected and was president of the American Red Cross.
12.Clara Barton was the most accomplished woman by all the honors and medals she was awarded.
13. Clara Barton established the National First Aid Association of America.
14. Clara Barton published " The Red Cross: A History"
15. Clara Barton published " The Story of My Childhood".
( Clara Barton's school she founded )
( Clara Barton and her Cross of Imperial Russia medal )
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