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Substitute Training

No description

Lisa Budarf

on 7 August 2018

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Transcript of Substitute Training

Legal Aspects
Women will typically want to avoid high heels, short skirts/dresses, low-cut tops, and tight attire. Professional looking pantsuits or dresses are usually appropriate.
Professional Dress
The classroom should be a safe environment that encourages learning.
Classroom Management
The following could be viewed
as sexual harassment:
What this Means
Sexual Harassment
Legal Aspects
Legal Aspects
Administering Medication
Legal Aspects
Release of Children
Legal Aspects
Due Care & Caution
Legal Aspects
An overall consideration when substitutes teaching is your legal responsibility in the classroom and school.
Legal Aspects
Maintain a professional barrier between you and students.
General Rules of Conduct
Do not allow students to drill into your personal life – redirect questions to the academic task at hand.
What this means…
Do not visit at lunch or dinner about specific students or staff
What this means…
Rule #3
General Rules of Conduct
Do not give an assignment then sit down to read the newspaper or play on the computer.
What this Means…
Dress in a manner that sets you apart from students and enhances a businesslike atmosphere in the classroom.
Professional Dress
One of the most important aspects of becoming an effective substitute teacher is how you view and portray yourself to students, staff, and the community.
Professionalism & The Substitute Teacher
Today’s Topics
On any given day in GISD there are numerous substitute teachers interacting with hundreds of GISD students.
You are Important to the
Educational Process
Substitute Teacher Training
2018 - 2019
Classroom Management
Legal Aspects
Legal Aspects
Supervision of Students
Legal Aspects
Websites such as Facebook and other social media should be avoided during business and educational hours.
What this means…
Rule # 2
General Rules of Conduct
Rule #1
General Rules of Conduct
Your image speaks volumes. If you respect yourself others will respect you.
“I was informed by a school secretary that there were teachers on campus who did not want me to sub in their class because I did not dress professionally.”
Your actions speak so loudly, I can’t hear your words.”
Children are quick to pick up on your overall attitude, and if you are not interested neither are they!
General Rules of Conduct
Rule #4
General Rules of Conduct
This is why...
Remember, students will encounter substitutes on a regular basis, and for that reason alone you are a very important part of the educational process.
Above all you need to consider yourself a professional
“I was told by a student that I was their favorite sub. because I didn't care what they did.”
Creating a professional impression from the moment you arrive sets the educational tone for the day - - and everyday thereafter.
As a substitute, you are assigned to the classroom and your dress should reflect the academic setting.
You may find that some staff appears to dress casually. Keep in mind they are dressed for specific assigned duties such as welding, coaching, cooking, etc..
First impressions are important, and, like it or not, the way you dress will make a difference in how you are treated by students and staff.
Specific campus events may allow jeans and t-shirts on specified days.
In most cases, jeans, t-shirts, and sandals are not a good idea.
Men will typically want to wear khaki or dress pants and a polo type shirt, belt, and comfortable shoes.
Professional Dress
In most cases jeans, t-shirts, and sandals are not a good idea
Specific campus events may allow jeans and t-shirts on specified days.
To accomplish that, your attention must be focused on the students at all times.
The most crucial reason you are in the classroom is to ensure safety.
You are to be attentive and present for the benefit of all students in the classroom.
Do not make personal calls.
Do not walk out of the classroom.
Interact with students.
Actively walk around and monitor students
Sounds obvious, but it happens.
Never use the internet at school to surf inappropriate websites!!!
Do not use the internet
unless it is for an
educational purpose.
Internet should be restricted to assignment specific use.
Shopping via internet is prohibited during school / business hours.
It is alright to ask advice about how to deal with certain students or classes, but don’t let the conversation develop into a gripe session.
This rule applies whether you are in the teachers’ lounge at school or anywhere else!
Personal information obtained about students must remain confidential.
Do not gossip about classes or students
Do not ask personal questions unless it is necessary to perform your duties.
Do not share
student grades
Stick to the lesson plan, if you find yourself in a situation where students ask about your beliefs, be respectful to their inquiries but stick to the lesson at hand.
You are in the classroom to teach, not to proclaim your opinions or convert students to your way of thinking.
Keep your political, religious, and social beliefs to yourself.
Do not allow students to discuss inappropriate or non-educational topics in class.
Rule # 5
Be Friendly, positive and enthusiastic
Although you are not there to become friends with students, you do need to be pleasant with them and demonstrate a genuine interest in their assignment.
Avoid losing your temper, if you need assistance call the office or ask a neighbor teacher.
Do not leave students unsupervised
Never put yourself in a situation alone with a student
Rule #6
The following are some legal responsibilities you should be aware of.
Personal Liability
The substitute teacher who has physical control of a classroom has a duty to keep these children safe and orderly.
If a student is allowed to leave class how can you ensure their safety?
This means acting reasonably and with safety in mind, being able to explain circumstance and your actions, as well as following school safety policies and procedures.
A teacher is required to exercise due care and caution for the safety of the students in his/her charge.
Ask specific campus administration if you have ANY doubts or questions.
Due to possible restraints on who may have custody of a child, children should not be allowed to leave the building during the school day without express consent from the office.
If a student brings medication send the student to the front office for proper documentation.
Medication should be administered by the school nurse.
Substitutes should not share information regarding specific students that convey private information such as: grades, medical conditions, learning or discipline problems, etc.
It is unprofessional and against the law to disclose confidential information about students. (FERPA)
If you feel that your actions might be questioned, note the date and time, the individuals involved, the choices for action considered, and the actions taken.
If a situation is serious or needs further attention be sure to immediately notify the front office.
Maintaining notes on a particular incident in the classroom can protect you in problematic situations.
Solution: Ask a neighbor teacher to watch your class or call the office to notify them you are sending a student to the office.
What this means is that you cannot leave any student unsupervised.
When sending students to the office due to discipline matters, the substitute is still responsible for the student going to the office as well as the class.
Any school employee (including substitutes) who knows or reasonably believes that a child has been neglected, or physically or sexually abused, should immediately notify Texas Department of Family & Protective Services.
Sexual harassment of any nature is grounds for immediate removal.
Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.
Inappropriate touching or self or others
Lewd gestures
Making facial gestures (kisses, licking, winking)
Sexual jokes, stories, innuendos
Sexual comments about clothes or body
Whistling or cat calls
The teacher or substitute is 100% responsible for ensuring this environment for all students.
Stay Positive and professional …
DO NOT attempt to talk over chatter or to teach while students are not paying attention.
It is imperative to have everyone's attention before you begin talking or teaching.
Life = Risk
It is estimated that by the time a students reaches graduation they will have spent the equivalent of one school year with a substitute teacher.
The Daily Routine
Classroom Management/ Discipline & the Curriculum
Legal Aspects of Being a Substitute Teacher
Welcome Back Kotter
Body fluids can transmit germs, bacteria, and disease. KEEP YOURSELF SAFE!
Blood Borne Pathogens
In the event that a student, teacher, or guest leaves behind bodily fluids of any sort notify the office so that the fluid can be properly cleaned.
Protect yourself, always wear gloves and wash your hands when you come in contact with body fluid.
Remember, even the the cutest
little darling carries GERMS!
Blood Borne Pathogens
Imagine going to the first day
of a new job EVERYDAY!
Substitute Teaching
Is Hard Work
We understand that substitutes
have a lot to learn and a lot of responsibility each day.
Please keep in mind that we are here to keep students safe, provide learning opportunities, and encourage positive habits.
If you don't believe in yourself and your ability or the students ability ....WHO WILL?
Whisper...a crowd will naturally get quite to find out what the secret is about.
Classroom Management
They won't listen...Know what?
Quietly say "if you hear me clap once...if you hear me clap twice..."
Not a good idea to flicker lights or yell over a crowd. This will only intensify a rowdy crowd.
GISD follows the TEKS with support of the TEKS Resource System. This curriculum provides many opportunities for students to be involved in their own learning.
uncertainty and confusion increase excitement in the classroom.
Tell the students from the beginning exactly how you expect them to get it accomplished
It is important to arrive to class in time to look over the lesson plan and prepare the necessary items for learning
Monitoring students CANNOT be done from a stationary position.
Monitoring Students
You are expected to move around the classroom and engage with each and every student.
An effective substitute will give students a few minutes to begin an assignment then circulate to ensure everyone is on task.
Substitutes that are courteous, prompt, enthusiastic, patient, and organized provide an example for their students to follow
Be An Example
Most students enter the principal's office as a result of an escalated series of events.
Positive Discipline
Most of the time a minor infraction that can be handled in the classroom is at the root of one of these issues:
Calmly handle issue
Redirect negative behavior - reinforce positive behavior
Avoid verbal battles
Use the classroom resources to encourage good behavior: new seat, quite conference with student...
Verbal Warning: state what the student did and what will happen if the problem is not fixed
In basic terms: describe the behaviors desired rather than listing the "do nots"
Positive Discipline
Instead of telling students NO NO NO...
make positive comments.
Please move in an orderly fashion
Please work quietly with a partner
Please leave your gum at home
Teachers are much like parents in the fact that we can build students up or tear them down with the things we say.
Teachers Can Change Lives
Be a positive person
in every students life
We don't know what each student will grow up to be - but we want each and every one to live to their potential.
Arrive Early ...
If you are on time you are late

Daily Routine
Check in with the designated person on campus and sign-in.
If you must leave during the day - notify the office
follow the lesson plan and bell schedule left by the teacher
If you have a free period check with the office to see if you are needed elsewhere
How should I report a student to the office?
It's a Good Idea to Ask...
Where are the faculty restrooms?
How do I record tardy or absent students
What if a student needs to leave my classroom?
Who can I ask for help?
Do I have any duty stations?
Enter the building with confidence
In the Morning...
Write your name on the board...Mr. or Mrs.
Be prepared
Locate materials needed for the day
Stand at the door to greet students
Greet students at the door each period
Throughout The Day
Follow the lesson plan provided
Be fair, courteous, and consistent
Be Positive
Enforce all school rules
If you have extra time, improvise and extend learning with available materials
Make sure all class items are accounted for
End of Day
Challenge students to recall
information from the day

Remind students of homework and upcoming events
Have students straighten their area and discard any trash
Substitutes are expected to:
Be Professional
- Dress appropriately
- Communicate appropriately
- Come to work ... To WORK
Be aware of the legal aspects of your job
Develop proper classroom management techniques
Follow daily schedules and lesson plans
Ensure safety and encourage learning for all students
Substitute Pay
Graham ISD has increased the substittue pay!
Substitute Pay
Certified and degreed substitutes will make $75 per day while working as a substitute teacher
If you work as a non-certified or para-professional position the pay will be $65 per day.
If you are a certified teacher or hold a 4 year degree, please provide GISD with a copy of you certification or college transcript showing your degree, then provide a copy of your high school diploma or GED.
A non certified / non-degree substitute will make $65 per day
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