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Future Earth

No description

agnes-clara dikoum

on 19 January 2011

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Transcript of Future Earth

Future Earth
By: Marietou and Agnes Prediction 1: www.livescience.com
Melting and disapearing glaciers.
The temperature will rise.
Dust Bowl
Sea level
Earth day shorter
Coral reef
Prediction 2: www.merrinews.com

The Magnetic fields.
The Mayan Calendar.
Sun storms.
The Sea level. Prediction 3: www.wisegeek.com
The temperature will rise
Hurricanes and Typhoons
The Water temperature
Deserts Prediction 4: www.science.nasa.org
Rising temperature
Decrease of temperature
Rainy Days
Earth's biggest mass extinction Prediction 5: www.globaltimes.com
Melting South Pole
Black hole
A Meteorite crash
Super Volcanoes Prediction 6: www.wikipedia.com
Orbit and rotation.
Tidal acceleration.
Friction between the core and mantel.
The turning rotation
A Supercontinent Bibliography:
Agnes and Marietou

1. Timeline: The Frightening Future of Earth

2. http://science.nasa.gov/earth-science/big-questions/how-well-can-we-predict-future-changes-in-the-earth-system/

3. Future of the Earth

4. The World will End in 2012, Say Experts

5. How will life on Earth die out in the Future?

6. Climate Change Threatens Mother Earth

7. What are Some Prediction for Future climate change?

What are 2 consequences that we will face in the future? Thanks for listening and being a good audience. What did you learn? Yellowstone Volcano What do you think will end the world? Explain using one of the predictions we talked about! What will happen if the super volcanoes erupts? What will happen to Earth in the future? Could you explain the supercontinent theory? Bibliography for the Pictures
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