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Settlement Patterns in Europe & Northern Eurasia

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Ryan Sanchez

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Settlement Patterns in Europe & Northern Eurasia

Settlement Patterns in Europe & Northern Eurasia
Learning Goal 3: Describe the patterns of settlements in Europe and Northern Eurasia and explain how the
processes of transportation, access to and availability of resources and economic activities affect these patterns.

In Iceland they have learned to take advantage of the island's geology to produce geothermal energy.
The climate in southern France is ideal to grow grapes that are used in famous French wines.
How have physical characteristics of Europe and Northern Eurasia affected settlement patterns? Why do people live where they live?
Brainstorm a list of physical characteristics that can affect where people live. How does the physical geography affect human settlement?
2 minute brainstorm
2 minute share with a partner
share with the class
Chernozem is a rich topsoil ideal for agriculture. Chernozem is common on the North European Plain.
• The humid continental climate as well as ideal conditions for agriculture have contributed to high population density on the North European plain
Areas with extreme climates, such as Siberia have very low population densities.
The Ural Mountains have hindered/limited trade and transportation throughout the region.
How does the population west of the Ural Mountains compare to the population east of the Ural Mountains?
The North European Plain also makes trade easier between western Russia and Europe.
How do the Black & Caspian Seas impact trade?
What is the purpose of this pipeline? Who does it benefit? Who does it harm?
Push or Pull Factor?
Push or Pull Factor?
Push or Pull Factor?
Read page 340 in your textbooks. Summarize what you read, 1-2 sentences over each red heading. Then answer questions 1-3 on page 341.
How have humans altered the environment? How has this impacted patterns of settlement?
Trans-Siberian Railroad
Land Reclamation - Dikes & Polders
•The Trans-Siberian Railroad, completed in 1904, allowed for population settlement to increase along the southern portion of eastern Russia. The construction allowed greater access to natural resources that are scattered throughout this area.
Europe & Northern Eurasia
Complete two vocabulary squares. You may choose from the following words:
Trans-Siberian Railroad
Geothermal Energy
How has the physical environment impacted patterns of settlement?
Geothermal Energy
Mountains, Rivers, Seas
Warm Up
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