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DestiNA Genomics Ltd.

DestiNA Genomics Ltd.

Juan Diaz_

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of DestiNA Genomics Ltd.

Because We believe we can help the new era of personalised medicine by offering improved and unique molecular diagnostic assays Who we are Market Revolutionary
Nucleic Acid Testing DestiNA Genomics Our Mission www.destinagenomics.com 2007 2010 2008 September Filing of UK Patent Entitled
"Nucleobase Characterizartion"
PCT/GB2008/003185 SE Proof of Concept Award
PCT filing Spin-off from The University of Edinburgh

In-license agreement with the UofE on the 1st December 2010

DestiNA acquires exclusive commercialisation rights over
the chemicals and processes protected under the patent PCT/GB2008/003185 for nucleic acid testing of plants, virus, bacteria and mammals. Founders: Hugh Ilyine, Mark Bradley, Juan Diaz and Frank Bowler 2009 Completing technical milestones 2011 DestiNA Genomics Ltd. Incorporation SE SMART Grants

2 TSB Grants

Seed Investment Round Today December April To Create a Global Company to Deliver Better, Cheaper & Faster Molecular Diagnostic Tests for Improving Human Health To develop DestiNA our core chemical technologies to work on key current equipment platforms such as plate readers, beads, microarrays and lab-on-chips via licence and reagent supply to:

-Equipment platform companies
-Assay developers
-Pharmaceutical companies for their internal Rcompanion diagnostic applications
-Reagent catalogues distributors to academic research

To ensure a successful liquidity event or events within a 5-7 years time frame, that rewards our founders, investors and employees Why Invest In DEstiNA DestiNA’s revolutionary chemistry is ‘platform agnostic’
Can be used with plate readers for ELISA type assays, microarrays, lab-on-chips and mass spectrometry
Rapid test capability opens up Accident and Emergency applications
Assay development time and cost reduced compared to enzyme based systems

DestiNA’s chemistry is capable of detecting DNA, RNA and their mutations
With or without PCR amplification, including microRNAs, SNPs (indels)
High specificity and ‘false positive’ free testing
‘Background’ becomes a thing of the past in microarrays….
False positive results no longer an issue in clinical diagnosis…. Two Main Assests DestiNA TEchnology Founders and Staff The DestiNA ‘Open Platform’ based on chemistry provides significant efficiency and cost of development gains for assay developers DestiNA Genomics Chemical Toolbox DestiNA has eight staff with 5PhDs in pharmacology, organic chemistry and molecular biology, composed of:
- 2 x Business Managers
- Development Chemist
- Microarray Development Manager
- Administrator How to Achieve our Mission Example: miRNA122 Detection Business Model Spending on genetic tests has reached $5 billion annually and could top $25 billion within a decade_ source UnitedHealth Group Inc., US largest insurer 2012 Financials Shown before the addition of any new funding £1,2million
for breaking even
INVEST IN SPAIN PROJECT AWARDED - 167.300€ - we need to finance it 2012 Why? Our Power
Platform Agnostic
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