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Canadian Identity

No description

Karlee Kerr

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Canadian Identity

Famous Canadian Actor.
Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling is 34. He's a Canadian
actor, director, writer and musician who was born in London, Ontario. He began acting on Disney Channel's Mickey Mouse in 1993 and was bullied all throughout high school because of it. He's acted in 16 movies, 14 TV shows and he has 2 more movies coming out this year. He is in a band called Dead Man's Bones, co-owns a Moroccan restaurant in Beverly Hills, California and is also a supporter of 5 charities. I chose Ryan Gosling because
he's one of my favorite actors.
Famous Canadian Athlete
Patrick Chan
Patrick Chan (born 1990 in Ottowa) is a Canadian figure skater. He's a three-time World Champion, a two-time Grand Prix Final champion, a two-time Four Continents champion and a seven-time Canadian champion. At the 2010 Canadian Championships, he was nominated to represent Canada at the 2010 Winter Olympics where he placed fifth in the men's event. Chan was named the recipient of the Lou Marsh Award as Canada's top athlete.

Famous Canadian Author
Lucy Montgomery

Famous Canadian Inventor
Joseph Armand Bombardier
Joseph Bombardier (1907-1964) was a canadian inventor and businessman born in Valcourt, Quebec. His most famous invention was the snowmobile. He designed his first version of a snowmobile at age 15. He opened a garage and perfected the ski-doo snowmobile at age 19. Mass production for the ski-doo snowmobile started in 1959.
Famous Canadian Singer
Carly Rae Jepsen
The first snowmobile.
The first mass-produced ski-doo snowmobile.
Canadian Identity
By: Karlee Kerr
Carly Rae Jepsen, age 29, is a Canadian recording artist and singer-songwriter from Mission, British Columbia. She placed third in Canadian Idol, season five. Four years later, she released a new single called Call Me Maybe. In 2012, Justin Bieber referred her to his manager, who signed her to his record label. "Call Me Maybe" gained popularity on YouTube by reaching 400 million views and it reached the number one spot on the US Billboard and Canadian Hot 100. She's received multiple awards and nominations, including three Juno Awards and two Grammy nominations.

Lucy Maud Montgomery was born in PEI in 1874 and died in Ontario in 1942 when she was 68. She's most famous for her Anne of Green Gables series, set in PEI. She published 20 novels, 530 short stories, 500 poems and 30 essays. Her work has been read worldwide. I chose Lucy because she was proud of where she was from and I love PEI.
Famous Canadian Politician
John A. McDonald
John A Macdonald(1815-1891) was the first prime minister of Canada and served for 19 years. He was born in Scotland but when he was really young, he moved to Ontario. During his time served as prime minister, he brought Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, British Columbia, PEI, and the North West Territories into the Canadian Federation.

Bud the Spud
By: Stompin' Tom
Famous Canadian Song

"Bud the Spud" is a song by Stompin' Tom released in 1969. The song is about a trucker who hauls potatoes from PEI. The song became known through word-of-mouth. It was also turned into an illustrated children's book in 1994.

Maple Leaf
Famous Canadian Symbol
The maple leaf is the most known symbol of Canada. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, the maple leaf had been adopted as a symbol to represent the country. The maple leaf slowly caught on. From 1876-1901, it appeared on all Canadian coins, and remained on the penny after 1901-2013. During the First World War, badges were based on a maple leaf design. The maple leaf finally became the central national symbol in 1965. The maple leaf is currently used on the Canadian flag, logos of various Canadian-based companies and the logos of Canadian sports teams. Examples are Air Canada, General Motors Canada, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and Wendy's Canada.

Famous Canadian Painter
Amanda Dunbar
Amanda Dunbar became noticed at age13 for her incredible oil painting skills. She was born in Ontario in 1982. She's recently listed as a prodigy of the visual arts in the current textbooks for advanced university education titled "Child Psychology". She was also put into the Texas Hall of Fame in 2006 and she got the 2009 SMU Distinguished Alumni Award.
Terry Fox
Famous Canadian Hero
Terry Fox was born in Manitoba and raised in BC. Terry was only 18 years old when he got diagnosed with sarcoma and forced to have his right leg amputated. He decided to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. He started his run in Newfoundland on April 12, 1980. On September
1st, after 143 days and 3,339 miles, Terry was forced to stop running outside of Ontario because cancer had spread to his lungs. He died on June 28, 1981 at 22. Over $600 million has been raised for cancer research in Terry's name through the Terry Fox Run held across Canada.

I chose Carly because I like her music and I think that she's a good singer. She's also one of the only famous Canadian-born singers who still lives in Canada.
I chose Joseph because he was very hard working and I really love snowmobiling.
I chose Patrick Chan because he was an olympic medalist for Canada in the 2012 winter olympics.
I chose John because I think he made a big difference in Canada and he's a big part of our history.
I chose the maple leaf because it's my favorite canadian symbol because of how pretty the maple trees are in fall.
I chose Amanda Dunbar because I think the talent she had when she was 13 is amazing.
I chose Terry because I think he's one of the most inspirational Canadians there has ever been.
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