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Government of Australia by Isabela and Romina manay

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on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Government of Australia by Isabela and Romina manay

Government of Australia
By: Isabela and Romina
Who is the leader?
The leader of the Australia is Tony Abbott he is the prime minister of a government that includes judiciary, executive and legislature.
How does the leader come into power?
The leader is the prime minister. The prime minister is chosen by a vote of the members in the government. They don't have certain time like the United States where the presidents can only stay for 2-4 years.
How long are in power?
The prime minister can keep being the leader as long they are doing there job correctly, also if the governor general wants him/her and can also leave for any other personal issue.
One of his job, is to lead a group of government ministers to decide rules, laws and policies. The ministers are in charge of leading the debates and helping making a law, rule work.
The federal cabinet
What is their job?
The prime minister of Australia has 4 main jobs.
2) Leading Meetings
The prime minister leads the meetings of each house and debate. The prime minister leads meetings when a law is going to be chosen.
3) The Governor General and Prime Minister
The prime minister advices the monarchy the United Kingdom on who will be the governor general. The governor general is the head of the military. The governor general can choose or fire a minister or the prime minister. The prime minister also helps the governor general choose members of the government to become ministers, and advices the governor general about important issues to talk about.
4) The Speaker
The Prime Minister is the one that talks to all the people in the country about laws why are they chosen and other important issues.
Laws and their consequences
Both houses: the senate and house of representatives need to agree that the suggestions can become a law. If a law is broken the most common consequences are loss of freedom, loss of property, and loss of employment. In the loss of freedom you would go to jail, in the loss of property you loose your house or land etc., and for the loss of employment you loose your job.
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