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Essential Social Media for Urologists

No description

Benjamin Davies

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Essential Social Media for Urologists

Essential Social Media for Urologists
Professionalism, Privacy, Pitfalls in SoMe
Michael Leveridge: Kingston, ON Canada
SoME Response to USPTF and Melbourne PSA recommendations
Matthew Cooperberg: San Francisco CA USA
SoMe and Our Urologic Periodicals
Declan Murphy: Melbourne, Australia
The Art (and possibility) of Twitter
Benjamin Davies MD: Pittsburgh, PA USA
Benjamin Davies MD
Associate Professor of Urology
Chief of Urology, UPMC Shadyside Hospital
Program Director Urologic Oncology Fellowship
International Journal Club on Twitter
Henry Woo: Sidney, Australia
Academic Tweets
Opinion & Academic
Declarative Tweets
34th Congress Societe Internationale d'Urologie
Twitter revolutionized social media by making it simple for the world to communicate in real time.
Think of it as a cross between text messaging, instant messaging and blogging.

Why is Twitter so Popular?

Drug Database Screen shot
$3,105 8/29/14
$151.20 5/01/13
Thiola drug costs
Conference Tweeting!!!!
Patient Advocacy
Crowd Sourcing Clinical Questions
Peer Review
The Art of Twitter: Honing the Craft
Picture Tweets
Value +/- Humor = Good Tweet
Twitter Basics
Matt Bultitude MD: London, UK
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