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Linkedin & Online Networking

No description

Marissa Longa

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Linkedin & Online Networking

& Online Networking
Linkedin Etiquette
Fill out all the sections (as much as you can-> you want the profile strength be in the 90% or higher!)
It's essential to list all past experience that may reflect your ability (1)
List skills that are specific- so employers can find you more easily
Endorse others to reciprocate or start a good relationship online
Ask for recommendations from those whom you have worked with professionally/non-professionally
These are like letters of rec on your skills and work you have done- and all potential employers can see them!
Make sure that your branding on other social media sites is CONSISTENT with what you post on linkedin
Keep your profile UP TO DATE!!!!
Features you NEED to use
Connecting with others on Linkedin
Adding a profile picture
Creating a 'live' resume ( filling in ALL subsections and keeping the backgrounds sections up to date)
Adding taylored resumes (PDF recommended)
Groups to join, follow, and contribute to the group (see slide the right in rectangular brackets for a how to)
Craft a powerful title for Your LinkedIn profile- unless someone clicks on your full profile, your name and title are the only things visible on LinkedIn lists, such as the list of "People Also Viewed" and “People You May Know,” as well as when you accept someone’s invite to connect.
so MAKE your title must stand out by saying what you do and for whom,
For a designer: “Helping Law Firms & Financial Services Companies Elevate Their Brand & Bottom Line” (instead of the more generic, and much more common, “Graphic Designer”)
Why use Linkedin?
Increases website traffic
A cheap way to market a product/company/or yourself!
A way to see what others in your field are looking at or gain intel on your competitors
Read up about prospective companies/employers
27 million brands have a LinkedIn company page (1)
77 percent of LinkedIn members do product or service-related research on the site (1)
60 percent of users have clicked on ads on LinkedIn (1)
Provides endorsements from those you have connected with on Linkedin on skills that your employers would want verified
Allows you to endorse others for the skills they have developed!
Generate contacts and sales leads (Business reason!)
What you can do on Linkedin
Background: (The most important section when showing employers the skills you have and that you can fill out on your own)
Post a current picture of yourself as a profile picture
Post taylored resume in PDF form (this form HIGHLY recommended)
Write short summary about who you are what you want to do (3-5 sentences; short, sweet and to the point)
In the experience sections place any relevant activities you have participated in that have taught you a skill needed in the real world
This requires a position title, name of the group you worked with (if any), where you did this work, the time period you did this work, and a little description of the work you did
You can connect this to other sections, like: projects, course work, and recommendations! (This makes you look super talented!)
Other sections you can fill out if you have the experience is: Publications, Projects, Languages, skills & Expertise (this is sections where you receive endorsements), Educational course taken, Educational institutions attended, Interests, Personal Details, Best way to be contacted, lastly Additional awards and honors
Connections with other your know on Linkedin
Receive recommendations from people you have worked with in the past (this is a whole section)
Join groups in the field you are interested in (this is a whole section),
Follow company pages
Linkedin: What is it? Who uses it?
What is it?
A professional networking site
Who uses it?
Popular site for job seekers and those looking to make professional connections
Professionals are using it as a search engine when they need services--> YOU have service to offer & they might even be willing to pay you!
Let me show you how to use them on my Linkedin....
How to set up a Linkedin profile
Additional Information: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/227225#ixzz2je9K72BW (1)
Additional information: (1) http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/226895#ixzz2jeBbIUiF
You can find and join LinkedIn groups from the Groups Directory or the Groups You May Like page.

Find a group

Move your cursor over "Network" at the top of your home page, and select "Groups" from the dropdown menu.
Search for a group using the search box at the top.
Select groups from the "Groups You May Like" box on the right, or click on "More" for a larger menu of groups to choose from.
Browse through list of suggested groups.
Join a group

Click "Join" on the Groups You May Like page or anywhere you see the button.
Respond to an invitation from a group member or manager.

(1) all the info on this slide is from this article!
How to Find and Join Groups:
More info: (1) http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/226895#ixzz2jeEXvPRQ
*If you have made resumes or cover letters before, pull all information from there! *
Networking with Linkedin:
Focus on quality not quantity
Expand your network by connecting with appropriate second-degree relationships
Endorse others for their Skills & Expertise
Follow pages relevant to your career interests
Join and post on groups that in your field
Link projects, courses, and recommendations to your experience blurbs
Keep contact with your network CONSISTENT and RELEVANT
More info: (1) http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/224417
It's free!!
Go to www.linkedin.com
On the bottom right of that page beginning steps to create an account
Fill in the sections of your first name, last name, email, password
Then click join now! (you account should be made!)
Linkedin had a really easy setup process that guides you through it's features!
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