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Does the color of your eyes affect your eyesight?

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McKenzie Monaghan

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Does the color of your eyes affect your eyesight?

Does the color of your eyes affect your eyesight?
Does eye color affect vision?
Hypothesis: I believe that the color of your eye does affect your vision.
Blue eyes
Blue eyes tend to have less pigment in them than brown eyes, so therefore they are more sensitive to light. This means they may not be able to see as well as brown eyed people due to the pigment.
Brown eyes
Brown eyes have a lot of pigment in them, meaning they aren't as sensitive to light because the amount of pigment allows the eye to refract the light coming into it. This makes them better at seeing in the dark and high lighted situations.
Green eyes
Green eyes are much like blue eyes, they have little pigment in them and they may be more sensitive to light. These are more neutral, depending on the darkness of the eye.
A study done at the University of Louisville determined that eyesight can affect vision.
Green eyed people tended to be better at determining which letter was which in the lighting condition.
Blue eyes were not as well at determining the letter in the lighting condition as green.
Brown eyes were the best at determining which letter was which in this lighting condition.
Hypothesis Result:
My hypothesis was proven correct. I said that I believed that the eye color would affect vision, and it did.
Eye chart
Test subjects
Brightly lit room
Table to record results on
Take the subjects into the room and place them a decent distance away from the eye chart. Ask them to read the letters to the best of their abilities. Record the results, then compare.
The independent variable was the eye chart, and the dependent variable was the eye color.
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