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Young Goodman Brown

A powerpoint

Francesca Czajkowski

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Young Goodman Brown

by Nathaniel Hawthorne Young Goodman Brown Summary:
View #1: Young Goodman Brown is producing the evil himself and imagines the evil that occurs

a. Paul Hurley
-- Evil is a production of Brown’s “depraved imagination” and not of reality

b. Mark Van Doren
-- Goodman Brown basically just perceives evil where it does not exist. Be Respectful.
Be Kind.
Be Welcoming.
Be Trustworthy. Steps of Orientation/Intake:
1) Go over rules
2) Have client read and sign documents
3) Go through online registration
4) Get to know client better via questions D.M. McKeithan

The theme of the story is sin and the consequences of sin on humanity. View #2: Young Goodman Brown is a story to show the consequences of evil, not focus on the evil itself Young Goodman Brown says goodbye to his wife, Faith. He tells her that he is going on a short journey. Young Goodman Brown journeys into the woods. He meets a man who offers Young Goodman Brown his staff. Young Goodman Brown continues in the woods with the mysterious man. They encounter Goody Cloyse, who identifies this man as the Devil. Young Goodman Brown hears the voices of the townspeople including the minister and Deacon Gookin. He follows the voices and thinks he hears Faith's voice. Brown finds himself at a witch's ceremony. At the ceremony, the converts are called to the front. Young Goodman Brown thinks he sees Faith as a new convert. Young Goodman Brown desperately begs Faith to resist the devil. All of the sudden, he finds himself in the forest alone. Young Goodman Brown finds himself back in town the next morning, yet now he finds no joy in life. He cannot trust anyone even Faith. Our views of what appears as "evil" in the story View #3: Young Goodman Brown truly experiences and sees evil in its true state Paul Miller:
What Young Goodman Brown sees is genuine Critical question:
Has Young Goodman Brown really experienced evil or that it was only a dream in which he imagined the evil?
Three Opposing Views of Evil in the Story Hurley, Van Doren, McKeithan, Miller, and Levin Annalise:
I feel myself agreeing with David Levin that Goodman was misled and tricked by the devil. I think that what happened to Brown was real and that the evil is real. View #4: Young Goodman Brown is solely misled by the Devil. David Levin
The Devil is trying to utterly confuse Young Goodman Brown, so that he becomes victimized and loses his faith Francesca: I would lean more towards D.M. McKeithan’s view of Young Goodman Brown. I think that Young Goodman Brown shows the consequences of sin, but doesn’t actually participate in sin. Young Goodman Brown’s journey into the woods is an illustration of how easy it is to be tempted. The key in this story is that Young Goodman Brown never actually participates in the dark side. Instead, he observes the travesty of sin. Thanks for listening!
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