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El Al 1862

No description

Colin Shak

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of El Al 1862

The causes
2 fuse pins failed from fatigue

Remaining pins failed from overloading

Engine 3 detached from wing

Trajectory of engine 3 hit engine 4

10m of leading edge also damaged
The causes
Roll of aircraft reaches critical point

Aircraft nose dives from 1500ft

The event
Aircraft involved
Airframe 1 year prior to accident

Registration 4X-AXG
The causes
Airflow over right wing is disrupted

Lift is greater on left wing than right wing

Controls pushed to the limit to keep aircraft level

Current airspeed just sufficient for lift needed from damaged right wing

4th October 1992

Boeing 747-200f

Scheduled flight from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv

Carrying Israeli national defense materials
18:22 – Departed Amsterdam, Schiphol

18:27 – Loud bang heard at 6500ft

Attempt to return to Schiphol

Circled over Amsterdam

Control of aircraft lost
Amsterdan Schiphol Airport
New fuse pins with higher resistance to metal fatigue

Ultrasound to be used by maintenance to detect cracks and corrosion

El Al 1862
The causes
The causes
The fuse pin - 14cm in length
Nose of aircraft lifts to slowdown for landing

Change in angle disrupts airflow over right wing even more – further loss of lift

Controls not enough to counter the loss of lift
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