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Time Techniques: Flashback & Foreshadowing

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Kyli Mouser

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Time Techniques: Flashback & Foreshadowing

The First Two:

We will be studying a wide variety of literary devices after Holiday Break but are going to start with just two this week.

They are:

FLASHBACK and FORESHADOWING Start Strategies for Flashbacks and Foreshadowing Time Techniques:
Flashback & Foreshadowing What is "foreshadowing"? We have learned that ALL stories
have the five literary elements.

Point of View
Theme What makes some stories better than others???? Tool #1: Flashback
"Jumps Back In Time" Tool #2
Giving Hints About What is To Come Flashback Strategy:

1. Find a major time shift within the story.

2. Ask yourself, "how does knowing this past event help me understand the present events more completely" Foreshadowing Strategy:
Ask yourself these questions to recognize and understand foreshadowing:
1. Are there phrases about the future?
2. Is there a change happening in the weather, the setting, or the mood?

3. Are there objects or scenic elements that suggest something happy, sad, dangerous, exciting, etc.?

4. Do characters or the narrator observe something in the background that might be a hint about something to come later? In most cases, it is the author’s use of literary devices.

Just like a carpenter uses a drill, an author uses a literary device to make their writing BETTER. Example: Spiderman
A story about Spiderman might stop the present action in order to show him receiving the spider bite that gave him his powers. FLASHBACK AND FORESHADOWING VIDEO CLIPS! LET'S GIVE IT A WHIRL!!! Example Definition: a tool used in writing to allow a character to explore events from the past. The reader follows the characters thoughts as they examine an earlier situation.
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