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Kevin Henkes

No description

Shannon Cross

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Kevin Henkes

Kevin Henkes by Samira Mickelson
Kevin Henke's Books
Kevin Henkes has written many picture books and a few chapter books.
Kevin Henke's Family

Growing up
At age 19 he went to collage like all people do. He went to the University of Wisconsin at Madison. When he was a child books played a good roll in his life. When he became a writer he still loved books but he wasn't into drawing anymore.
Kevin Henkes quotes
This is one of his chapter books
Olive's Ocean
, which is a Newberry honer book.

one of Kevin's
famous picture
This is another picture book Kevin Henkes has written.
Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse
Kevin has two children and is married to a woman named
Laura Dronzek who is an artist.

William is Kevins
only son at age thirteen.
Clara is Kevins only daughter and she is ten years old.
This is Laura Dronzek Kevin's wife.
Kevin as a child
When Kevin was a child he went to the library with his parents. He had always loved to draw but then one of his teachers in high school inspired him to write.
This is him writing after his teacher
inspired him to write.
"Today was a difficult
day. Tomorrow will
be better."
Lily's Purple Plastic
"Now smile a real
smile for me so I
know you're not
suffering inside."
Olive's Ocean
"There is a possibility
within each moment
for a change to occur,
for good things to
Olive's Ocean
This is the end.
Hope you learned
lots about KEVIN
Kevin Henkes
- blah blah
blah blah and
so much more.
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