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SuperHeroes "SuitSupply"

No description

Ivan Velinov

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of SuperHeroes "SuitSupply"

Less than $ 1000
SuitSupply Suit of 614$ = 3625$ Armani in quality
The SuperHeroes

Suits are cool.Suits are full of Joy.They are the sartorial equivalent of a baby smile.
- Use the same strategy on social media.
- Avoid the shameless campaign.
- Adapt advertising for Sweden: Another philosophy of suits, use cognitive aspects.
- Provide the same customer experience in order to build a strong reputation.

- Translate the website in Swedish to reach all areas in Sweden.
- Open a store in Stockholm.

- Market penetration, the best value for price.
- Adjust price with the tax rates.

- Do not enter the market at current stage!
- An attractive market with strong operational and cultural constraints.

Thank You for Your ATTENTION !
-Beneficial investment laws
-Free trades agreements
-High total tax rate
-197 777 SEK
-2% inflation
-4.7 million workers
-GDP 2.5% in 2014
-44% use smartphone to connect on SMN
-44% are using Facebook everyday
-66% once a week
-54% of connections to look at Swedish websites
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