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Art I Visual Journaling

No description

Melanie Woolwine

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Art I Visual Journaling

things you collect:
recycle items
birthday cards
old books/magazines cut up
Specifics for this class:
independent visual journal assignments
unit spreads
Mediums and processes:

Art journaling
can include..

Ideas you write:
reflection of projects
insight on mini-projects
How to get Inspired
Look around you!
Everyday objects
Go for walks!
Flip through books
Listen to
People watch
What Your Visual Journals
Could Look Like:

Lets get

Each table will come up with a unique and interesting way to make a pocket in the visual journal. Then, each person must create a pocket using scrap paper in supply cabinet to be then used in their visual journal. Before clean-up each table will present their idea for a pocket and show how it was constructed.

Remember LAYERS!!!
use your resources

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