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Center for Faith and Vocation

No description

Ellen Larson

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Center for Faith and Vocation

Center for Faith and Vocation
Center for Faith and Vocation Mission
The Center provides a place where Butler University students discover
lives of purpose, meaning and contribution through reflection
and engaging in spiritual questions, no matter that their faith, doubts or philosophies may be.
What We Do
We value the distinctiveness of students' journeys.
Regardless of their faith perspective, students at the Center for Faith and Vocation learn to honor their deepest convictions and respect the same in one another as part of the lifelong journey of discovery.
How We Do It
at social justice and faith-based organizations: Participating in the Festival of Faiths in Indianapolis, co-sponsored with the Center for Interfaith Cooperation.
about the intersection of convictions and career.
for diverse and distinct ways that students find meaning through religious and spiritual communities.
Student Testimonial

The CFV has provided me with a space of refuge whenever I need a quiet space to study, a central location to hang out with friends, or a bit of advice from Judy/Marguerite. As well, the CFV serves as a community gathering for all religious groups, without judgement.
- Emma Sprague // Butler Catholic Community VP
Student Testimonial
Faculty and Staff Resources
"The Center for Faith and Vocation was one of the biggest influences on my decision to attend Butler University. It is a wonderful place where we can all come together and engage in diverse and interfaith dialogues and learn from each other's culture and traditions. The Center provides a different aspect to the campus that cannot be found anywhere else and continues to support me as I discern my life's passion, purpose and calling."

- Brittney Stephan// CCO President

Professors and staff discover their own lives of purpose and contribution as educators through multiple points of contact with the Center.


"I'm thankful for the CFV and the opportunities that faculty and staff have to continue our own personal growth and development. I'm thankful that we can continue to discern our developing purpose and meaning as we mature in our professional lives."
-Professor Deb Skinner, COB
Faculty Testimonial
Butler Seminar on Religion and World Civilization

A lecture series exploring the intersection of religion and major global issues of our time

"Freedom of Expression and Religion"
Jan. 28 & Feb. 25, 2014 at 7 p.m.
Clowes Memorial Hall
Free of charge; ticket required


Like us on Facebook: Butler University Center for Faith and Vocation

Follow us on Twitter: @ButlerCFV
Web Presence and Social Media
CFV 10th Anniversary
"A decade ago there was no Blue House at Butler. No dedicated place where students could connect with diverse perspectives on faith. Where they could learn to meditate. Where they could talk together or with an adviser about the longing to live a meaningful life."
-Judith Cebula// Director of CFV

CFV 10th Anniversary Birthday Celebration during Family Weekend
Student Testimonial
"The CFV has served as a guiding hand for me at Butler. It has enhanced my Butler experience by not only providing a place where I feel at home, a community where I feel welcomed and a network where I can connect with others, but it has also provided me with opportunities to learn more about others. Above all, the CFV has helped me to discover myself by allowing me to connect with others, learn new perspectives and explore my place in the world.
-Loor Alshawa//MSA President
Upcoming 10th Anniversary Events
Thank You!

February: In conjunction with Founders’ Day celebrations, the CFV will bring together the founders of the CFV, Dr. Paul Valliere and Dr. Aron Aji for faculty/staff gathering.
March: The CFV will host another social gathering, this one for Butler alumni who helped build our programs as interns, scholars, participants in international seminars, and leaders of student religious organizations.
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